Klingon Resources 101

By: Thought Admiral Kethas epetai-Rustadzh

In the beginning there wasn't much as far as Klingon resources went. We had to rely on what others had done. Pretty similar to what goes on today, with one exception. We didn't have the internet. It was all done in person, or by snail mail. Occasionally you'd find something at a con, or in a newsletter... But those days are long gone...

Now it seems everyone has resources they're willing to share. The information you can find is unlimited, and more and more people are willing to share what they know with others. The trick there is to know where to look, and find exactly what you're looking for, preferably all in one place, but that's a rare and wonderful thing.

So, by now you're wondering what we've collected and thrown together for this article. Well, it's simple really... Every once in a while IKF members come across or writes something that can be quite useful to the rest of fandom. In this article, you'll find a rather large collection of the basics for how to "be klingon" and some other resources as well.

Part 1:The basics.

In a couple of past issues (you'll see this reference alot here) there were a few articles on the basics of starting off your way to becming Klingon. Here they are:

What it Means to be Klingon: An article by T. Adm. K'Lay of the Klingon Strike Force. From The Warrior's Cry Issue v03-3.

Knaming your Klingon K'Self: A brief, but, good resource for finding your Klingon name. From The Warrior's Cry Issue v03-4.

Klingon Personification: How to become more Klingon. From The Warrior's Cry Issue v04-1.

Basics to being a KLINGON: A rather good article on how to be/play Klingon during public events...

Part 2: Costuming:

The sky is the limit as far as what you want to accomplish with your costume, some can be found in the form of web pages, others simply as e-mails from some yahoogroups, and others by word of mouth. There are also several resources on-line and in publications on Klingon Costuming. While we can't list absolutely everything, we can list a few decent basic ones here for you.


Klingon Costumes Yahoogroup: This is possible one of the best sources for info on how to!

Various Costumes: From the archives of the IKF Quartermaster and the IKF Website.

A version of Klingon Robes: From The Warrior's Cry Issue v03-3.


Klingons From Enterprise: A guide to the costume as seen from "Broken Bow."

q'IDar, the Klingon Costume Goddess: Awesome maker of Fine Klingon costumes!

Fusion Klingon Costume: Simple Pics and brief tips on construction.

IKF/Klingon Rank insignia: From the archives of the IKF Quartermaster and the IKF website.

Making Klingon Rank Insignia: From The Warrior's Cry issue v03-4.

Making IKF Rank/Division Insignia: From The Warrior'c Cry Issue v04-1.

Basic Make up tips: From the IKF Quartermaster Archives and the IKF Website.

Props & Equipment

Klingon Equipment FAQ List: A listing on Klingon props and equipment and some tips on them.

TOS Klingon Disruptor: Pics of a TOS Klingon Disruptor.

Klingon Props: Decent pics of various Klingon weapons.

Klingon Imperial Weapons guild: An excellent source for weapons creation!

KEKHLAN'S Weapons: A good example of Klingon weaponry!

K'Tesh's Klingon Weapons: More examples of Klingon weaponry

Dae'tok Infantry Weapon Technology: Even more pics of Klingon weaponry.

Part 3: Klingon Culture.

Here's a few articles on Klingon Culture from our archives. Some of these you'll find on the IKF website, some from other sites.


Klingon Points of Diplomacy: From the depths of the IKF archives from our brothers and sisters of the Klingon Defense Force.


Klingon Recipies: A few tested recipies from the archives of the IKF website.

Klingon Bread and Butter: From The Warrior's Cry Issue v03-3.

K'Tesh's Klingon Recipie Pages: A good resource for Klingon food (with pictures and a few recipies).


The Authorized Klin Zha Home Page: Absolutely the BEST site on the web for Klin Zha.

IKF Fighter's Guild: Excellent source for safe bladed combat of warriors!


The Klingon Language Institute: The Galaxy's formost experts on tlhIngan Hol!

The On-Line Klingon Dictionary: Definately a fun little gadget to use when you've misplaced your hardcopy!

Klingon Fonts: Just one resource will be listed for this topic, because there's other resorces listed on this one!

VORAGH'S NOTES ON KLINGON CURSING: A must have for any warrior's tongue!


Klingon Rituals: A great example of what the Klingon Rituals are from A - Z.

Klingon Wedding Ritual: A transcrpt of Worf and Dax's Wedding Ceremony.

The Path to Kalhaya: A transcript of Worf's Bachellor party.

Tests of Honor: A transcript of Dax's Bachellorette party.

Part 4: Interesting and Miscelaneous Klingon Resources.

While assembilng the various resources together for this list, I stumbled upon a few other interesting resources that don't quite fit into the
format I laid out for this article, so here that are in no particular order:

Star Trek: NOMGHAR (A tlhingan Notebook) - A general overview on Klingon Culture.

K.I.D.C. Website - KIDC is well known for various Klingon Resources.

Google Advanced Search in tlhIngan Hol - An advanced Google search completely in Klingon!

A Brief Introduction to Klingon Culture - A Very good Klingon cultural reference!

Starfleet Museum - An excellent source for ship recognition!

Information on the Klingon Empire - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

SuvwI' van bom - The Klingon(Warriors) Anthem, Video clips (and more) - This is just an AWESOME audio/visual reference!