Basics to being a KLINGON...

Especially if you are doing PUBLIC events!

(...and, things I have learned to avoid...)

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1. Wear a costume that is easilly recognized by the general public as being Klingon. Who cares what your friends at your costuming club think... Will you be immediately recognized by random "civilians" on the street as a Klingon? If the answer is "No"... you need to do some homework on appearing as a Klingon.

Think about what the public ( you know... those people that have no imagination ) would recognize as a Klingon - and simply attain that look!! Watch any StarTrek episode with Klingons in it and see for yourself what a Klingon looks like! It's all there for you to to observe, and duplicate as best as you can.

2. If you can't handle wearing the costume... DON"T WEAR IT!

Any public event should be completely free of those who can't handle the claustrophobia or the long term occumulation of warmth & sweat of wearing an expensive "screen correct" Klingon costume during a long & hot day. Do not at any time disrobe in view of the public - especially in front of small children!! Yeah, You know who you are. Find a bathroom to get ready / get out of costume in, or hide behind a car if you have to. (also see rule 6)

3. Klingons are abrupt and to the point.

Say exactly what you want. But Remember, Honor is above self to a Klingon. Never start an insult contest! Always have tact when having conversations with these overly sensitive humans. (also see rule 6) Stay in character whenever possible.

4. No Klingon would ever go around without a weapon.

However, the puny humans have Federal/State/City laws concerning public display of "weapons" and those laws should be adhered to at all costs. Do not carry any costume prop that could be construed as a weapon, or any "real live weapon", or menace any member of the public with any such item, if you are attending a function or event where it is specifically prohibited. ...period. Where ever you can carry such items - but are required to "safe" your props, do so - and remain doing so. Let those "other" folks break the rules and get kicked out! (hehe)

5. Speak "Klingonese" when ever possible.

If you don't know what Klingon sounds like, watch the StarTrek shows where there are Klingons speaking their native tongue - and try to sound like that. Not many [ besides the Klingon speakers of us ] will know you are faking it. (grin) Just go for it and make gutteral grunts and noises.

6. Never cause yourself to be an embarrassment in public to the rest of us, or you will be constantly embarrassed in public by the rest of us.

Innapropriate comments or behavior will be remembered by the public (you know... those people that have no imagination). We may eventually forget, but the public never does.

7. The MOST IMPORTANT rule: Personal Life Comes FIRST!!

Costuming is time consuming and costly.

Don't let Klingon costuming control your life. Instead: Let your life control Klingon costuming!

You DO NOT have to be at every single event.

You DO NOT have to be costumed every single time either.

Pick a level of indulgence and go for it. If one or more of the group actually has the personal time to be "everywhere" and get into "everything" and can spend every dime on the costume, that's just great! But that does NOT mean you have to follow suit - especially when you have a 40+ hour a week job and /or spouse & children.

Unless they too are fully costumed and want to "play" as much as possible. (grin)

However - If you spend every dime you have on the latest and greatest e-bay prop for your costume collection even if it means missing an insurance payment... or eating only top-ramen for a month... or if your home looks like a warehouse for lost toys and there seems to be no furniture... you are probably too far gone. (hehe) [NOTE: no reference to any real person intended]