Costuming Examples

The following are examples of Klingon Costuming. While we cannot show every possible costume style, as there is no server that could possibly hold the multitude of graphics needed, we can show you a few sketches and pics to help you create your uniform.

The following picture is one example of a Imperial Race NCO's Uniform (TNG/DS9). Made of Vynil and Cotton.
Patterns and construction materials for this style of body armor vary greatly from warrior to warrior. Other common construction materials include leather, plastic, rubber... It all depends on the amount of money, time, and work you put into creating your own "uniform."

The following pics are from a design that the IKV NasToj has recently concidered for use, feel free to attempt the creation of such. Materials are a T-shirt or Sweat-shirt base covered with Vynil (Red and Black) shoulder Armor. Hidden from view is the back which does contain spinal plates (also made of vynil - color is alternating red and black) that are from the base of the neck down to the waist.

The following Links are pages copied from a few older KAG publications that are of great use to many Klingons who search for ideas. They come from various sources, and no copyright infringement is intended, and IKF takes no credit for the creation of said graphics, just the scanning of them.

Page 1Fusion (TOS)
Page 2Imperial (TNG/DS9)
Page 3Body Armor (Imperial)
Page 4Bracers/Gauntlets (Imperial)
Page 5Command Cloak and Belt
Page 6Belt Buckle

The following Pic was taken fron the IKV NasToj Newsletter from days past, and was created by Chancellor Rustadzh when the NasToj was flagship to a Squadron in KAG.

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The following graphics were adapted from designs by "Budget Quartermaster" and to the best of our knowledge is currently out of buisness...

The following pics were found on various websites on the net, graphic artists are unknown.