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KDF Points Of Klingon Diplomacy

(As given to us by the KDF Sim group Copyright 1999)
( - No longer an active website)

1. As you are representing the Empire you must maintain as neutral a demeanor as possible until your official position on any matter is determined. There is no room for personal opinions, feelings, or glory.

2. Promises and vows are for lovers. Unless you plan to bed the negotiators, promise nothing. Treaties are mutual agreements. Not promises.

3. Personal and family honor are secondary to the honor and the benefit of the Empire.

4. As a ship cloaks until it is ready to attack. So shall you cloak your intentions in every way. Both in manner and appearance. But as a ship (or any warrior) fully reveals itself as attack commences. So shall you fully reveal the stance and intentions of the Empire when the time comes. In keeping with this, your visage shall be clean and groomed, and your manners subtle. To allow yourself to relax and carouse or become drunk or angered would be to reveal too much of yourself. In any case, you are not supposed to be presenting yourself, but the Empire.

5. There is no dishonor in consulting your superiors when the path is unclear.

6. Should personal contentions arise, they shall be dealt with in a personal matter, removed from public forum.

7. To attack a representative when your quarrel is with his master is utterly without honor.

8. In demanding respect, you must also give some measure of respect. Do not expect or accept special dispensational treatment for your status position. Learn local laws and customs so that you might not violate them. Special allowances and immunities are for ignorant animals with no honor.

9. We are Klingon. We are strong. We will not tolerate disrespect, however we do not quibble over such trivialities as amenities or comfort. Leave that to humans.

10. Never negotiate for peace. Negotiate for alliances that result in peace on one front. We do not stand together with allies just to stand together. We do not stand against something or some one. Anything less is not a treaty, it is a cease-fire.

We in IKF wish to thank the KDF for letting us use the fore mentioned information for diplomatic purposes!