Tests of Honor
For Females Entering a New House

Make sure to have 4 Vaharma Candles placed and lit on an alter like structure.
Note: Candles should be made personally by the initiate.

When Lady of the House enters, initiate will repeat the following...

"Took Son Bosh Mok'veH (Lady's Name) Kol E'hagh bet MoH!"

Lady of the House will then reply with something similar to the following...

"Your worthiness to join our house will now be judged according to our family traditions..."

The "initiate" responds...

"I am prepared my Lady"

The lady of the house will then let the initiate prepare further, or meditate until the specified time. Then the initiate must prepare a "traditional meal" according to family traditions.

"Water Bucket Ritual"

While holding 2 buckets of water over pillars, the initiate will say the following:

Alvo Pensta T'Lang Cho
Koma T'Lang Ghos Ag-Beh
Hava-Da Croosh Tova
Ko'ma Kahless, Ko-ma Kahless, Ko-ma Kahless

Then placing the buckets softly on the pillars without spilling a drop.
**NOTE: The Lady of the House can, and will, ask for the task to be done over until correctly displayed if she feels it has been done improperly, or if the initiate seems to have faultered.

The next ritual is one of Great Honor. The initiate must learn and recite the history of the house.

Then comes the Bre'Nan Ritual...
Which is never mentioned as to what it is.

Rituals vary from house to house... But this seems to be the basics of most of them.

Taken from DS9 Episode #531 "You Are Cordially Invited"