Path to Kal'Haya
(A Klingon Bachellor Party)
From the DS9 episode #531

"Prepare yourselves for a journey you soon won't forget!"
-General Martok

The path to Kal'Haya, traditionally, is supposed to last 4 nights long. Accompanied by the closest friends; a tawI'yan (Swordbearer - best man), the groom, and others must undergo the following trials...

Deprivation: The fast. Only water may be consumed during this trial.
Blood: Unsure, use of knife suggested. "Let rivers flow from our veins" Said at beginning of trial.
Pain: Unsure of specific trial.
Sacrifice: Unsure of specific trial, possible below mentioned scene...
Anguish: Unsure of specific trial, possible related to fast, or mentioned scene...
Death: Unsure of specific trial.

In the DS9 episode #531 "You Are Cordially Invited" there is a scene in which Dr. Bashir, and Chief O'Brienare hanging over a firepit from what appears to be either a rope, or beam, of some fasion talking about visions and the ever so popular diologue:
Bashir: "I can see it so clearly Chief,"
O'Brien: "What?"
Bashir: "I'm gonna' kill Worf,"
O'Brien: "Kill Worf..."
No word is mentioned about which trial it portrays, possibly Sacrifice or Anguish, but again no real solid mention.

Ritual maces are carried by those on the Path to Kal'Haya. The name could not be retrieved by the "Closed Captioning" from my T.V. so it is not listed. The maces are, however, mentioned to be used to symbolically beat the Bride and Groom at the end of the wedding ritual.

There is also a song mentioned in the episode, and no translation based on the phonetical transcription was availible to me at the time of writing this, for that I suggest contacting the
Klingon Language Institute.

Kay-veK Ko-lee Ko Eh toH Che'MaH Lo
Tah OowaH KaH Eh-sho PaH DeH'Ree
YaH bo-sha
YaH bo-shA!
YaH Bosh To VaH!

Transcription of tradition by: Chancellor Kethas zantai-Rustadzh... Anyone with more updated information regarding this tradition is encouraged to contact the Chancellor to ensure the most precise details are kept.