Imperial Klingon Forces



111th RO (chuqwI'DI'vI') Visual Log

And yet more footage from the 13th. Storm is pictured using some serious camo!

Here's some more footage of the 111th during battle drills on the 13th.

Here's a pic of (L to R) Ash, Roger, Storm, and Geoff (Doc, Marc, and Titus are missing). 5/13/2007

This is what happens when you get hit by "Spray and Pray" with a CA-G36K (300-350 FPS) from 6 feet away...
Looks like "Storm" was bit by a Vampire! 5/6/2007

"Storm" is in this pic playing the part of a Sniper. Pic was taken by Geoff after he got hit. 5/6/2007

"Storm" in the bush during a training drill. 9/2006

"Storm" on Recon at Nockamixion State Park. 5/2006