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Imperial Klingon Forces




NOTE: Fill out all requested information properly!
Incomplete forms will NOT be processed!!

Personal Information:(Complete this section! REQUIRED)
Real Name:
Zip/Post Code:
Area Code/Phone:
Date Of Birth:
E-mail Address:

I.M.D. Unit Requested (location specific):

If you wish, explain your answer from above, or add other information here (optional):

If joining I.M.D. as a complete unit you must have an sponsor vessel or colony within IKF...

What Vessel or Colony is sponsoring your unit?:
How many in your unit?:

By Joining the I.M.D. you are offering your "life" and Loyalty to the IKF and Klingon Empire!
You must take the Oath of the Empire as every Klingon Warrior must do upon joining the Klingon Military...


Beneath the stars that drip with blood
I stand, defiant and alone.
I am here my Emperor. Call on me, I beg of thee
I was nothing before this day and nothing
shall I remain if I cannot serve thee now.

Pain and suffering are my just rewards.
Do with me as serves thee best.
It matters not that I survive,
only that which I Defend.

Forfeit of life, but not of honor,
in thy cause, death at last is welcome.
I am here, My Emperor, ready at last
to be an instrument of thy will.

Ready to obey and die.

Do you Accept the oath of Empire into your heart and
choose to honor this oath of loyalty to the Klingon Empire?

NOTE: If you decide to Join IKF via sponsor ship/colony, or via website
note that ranks within I.M.D. differ from that of regular IKF members...
As an IMD warrior you are not required to join IKF, but are encouraged...
For more information on IKF visit

Personá Information: (Optional)
Klingon Name:
What Breed of Klingon are you?
Explain Other Breed:

Fandom Service Inquiry: (Optional)
Are, or were you in another Klingon (or other) Fan-Club?

If Yes, which one?
Which/What kind of group was/is it?
If Selection was Other, Please explain:

How long have you been/were you with them?
What Post did/do you hold?
What Ranking did/do you hold?
What chapter did/do you belong to?
What location is it/was it in?
Who operates the chapter (Name, Persona Name, Address, E-mail)?

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