Imperial Klingon Forces




Places to get Airsoft weapons and equipment...

E-Bay - Do a general search for airsoft, AEG, or military surplus to get started

Imperial Supply Depot - Various Airsoft weapons, gear, and general merchandise.

eHobby Asia Airsoft Supplier Great place to get airsoft weeapons and some surplus items!

Military Griffin - Awesome E-bay seller of Military Surplus - Great place to get Military Surplus (especially Flecktarn pattern Cammo)!

That should be enough to get you started on-line... There are several other places that also carry a variety of airsoft items and surplus... Be sure to check your local flea markets and hobby/sports shops, and your local WalMart (Not the greatest resource, but inexpensive gear and ammo)...

Here's a partial guide of what kinds of eqipment to look for... or do a search on...

M-44 Goggles (Military issue safety Goggles - yes they fit over glasses)

Knee-pads / Elbow Pads (Useful for joint protection)

Flecktarn Pattern Camoflauge (German BDU's - awesome for Woodland terrain!)

Helmet (For not getting hit in the head - Kevlar, Mitch, Steel Pot are good keywords)

The following is a short, but fairly decent equipment loadout...
Enough to give newbies a good idea on what to look for...

Uniform: Olive Drab fatigues, BDU's or Flecktarn pattern

Boots: Black Combat or Jungle boots work best...

Web Gear: for holding equipment/ammo (US, French, UK, IDF)

Canteens/web pouch: Get at least 2 (H2O is very important in the field!)

Ammo: Get .20g weight BB's at least (more accurate than the cheap .12g)

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): EYE PROTECTION, Pads (Knee and elbow), and Helmet.

Remember when looking for a weapon, unless you plan on being a sniper, or getting hit a lot, stay away from the "springer" model weapons... "Springers" are nothing more than single shot or bolt action weapons.
Look for AEG's (Automatic Electric Guns) with an FPS of at the very least 280 or 300...

Semi-Automatic pistols are a good choice for a side arm if you choose to carry one, but you will more than likely rarely (if ever) use it...

So far we've given you enough of basics to look for in getting started with the wonderful sport of Airsoft.
Just remember not to shoot your eye out with that thing!

We'll be adding more links as they become available!