Imperial Klingon Forces



NuqneH warriors! You've reached the I.M.D.
Our primary function is to serve the empire by creating real-time simulations by playing either airsoft or paintball...

Our units are comprised of many different races, and need not be Klingon to join them, but MUST be loyal to the empire...

Think of it more as a Division of Mercinaries loyal to the Empire...

Within these pages you'll find information on our units, pictures, After Event Roprts (AER's), Links to some of our suppliers, allies, opponents, and sponsors, and information on joining or starting your own IMD unit...


"What the hell is Airsoft?"

- The short answer - tag with specially made BB guns...
- The long answer - a military simulation game using replica weapons that shoot small
projectile bb's. Law enforcement and the military sometimes use this game as a training aid...

Are they different than regular BB guns?

- YES, DEFINITELY, DO NOT SUBSTITUTE a regular BB gun for an AIRSOFT weapon...
The BB's are quite different (Airsoft rounds (bb's) are made from plastic or a composite material and come in .12g, .20g, .25g, and .30 g and are either .6mm (the most common) or .9mm

Does Airsoft hurt?

Ok, you're a Klingon asking if getting hit by a flying plastic ball at 100-350 fps hurts... You weakling
- yes, it can... But it more or less stings a bit depending on the power of the weapon and range.

Are the weapons cheap?

- Yes, Airsoft is way cheaper than paintball, and just as much fun, if not more because the weapons are replicas of actual weaponry...

Is it dangerous?

- Getting shot in the eye hurts like hell (I know) and may cause blindness
- Terrain can be murder on your joints (especially for us that are a bit weathered)

What kind of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is needed?

Here's the list...

- EYE PROTECTION - MANDATORY - use eye protection that adheres to ANSI Z87.1 or better
- Helmet - replica, Steel pot, or Kevlar Helmets are recommended as an added safety precaution.
- Knee pads, elbow pads, ankle braces are optional but recommended - especially the knee pads.

Where do I get the weapons, ammo, and equipment?

- Most of this can be found on E-Bay and is relatively inexpensive
- Sportsman's - inexpensive cammo, and equipment
- WALMART has some relatively decent weapons and ammo for sale in their sporting goods section...
- Also check local hobby, hunting, sports shops

NOTE: State laws require buyers to be 18 or over on Airsoft weaponry, but no requirements on age restrictions for play.
Check local laws before purchasing...

What kinds of camouflage do you recommend?

- Olive Drab, Woodland Cam BDU's, Tiger Stripe BDU's , or FLECKTARN PATTERN (German Cammo - Highly recommended)
- STAY AWAY FROM ACU - It shows up like day glo in most Forrest surroundings!

What equipment do you recommend?

- BDU's or Fatigues as described above
- Helmet / helmet cover
- US or Israeli Web Gear
- 2 Canteens
- Ammo pouches to fit your specific loads/equipment layout
- 1st aid kit (Band aids,gauze/bandages, sting/bite kits, anti-bacterial first aid cream, tweezers, etc...) Can be fit into an ammo pouch or pocket.
- Extra clips (5-6 depending on capacity and weapon type)
- Knife (FOR UTILITY ONLY - useful for cutting foliage for helmet loops / Cammo)
- Jungle boots/jump boots
- Cammo paint kit (for face and/or arms
- Sniper veil - optional but recommended
- Binoculars 5x21 magnification or better - compact to fit into gear.
- Battle Bra/Tac Vest/Chest Rig - useful for extra pockets/utility space
- Semi-auto side arm (can come in useful as a last resort)