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July/August 2003

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Web Updates: The Latest in IKF Web projects
CON Report: The CONvergence `03 report
IKF Anniversary : IKF turns 9 years old!
BetleH Tourney: Fighting For a Cure
Thoughts from the Chancellor: Things that make him go "Hmmmm..."
IKF Events: Events that IKF is taking part of.

Web Updates:

The Webmaster will be getting around to all those requests for updates to the site. If you should see something out of place at all, please contact Chancellor Kethas epetai-Rustadzh at
IKF@juno.com with the nature of the error and a correction.

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The CONvergence `03 report: by. T.Adm. Rustadzh

We (IKV NasToj) got off to a late start on Friday, but we did make it there with no problems! Upon our arrival the set up of the con suite went much faster than planned. We must have had the whole thing up in under an hour (minus lighting and banners).

Right away we were greeted by the IKV WarHammer and they jumped in to help with the room. Komonda was herself trying to help everyone at the same time. Capt. Ketal was helping with getting KPLA up and running as well as going over the tournament.

The Party started early that night, and the theme of Klingon Beach Bash was in the air. Our Tiki Statue of Fek'Lhr greeted our guests with a "warm smile." K'vok's Bloodwine was free flowing, and the effects lasting and stealthy. The party lasted all night long.

There were members of the IKV Rakehell (KAG) present (as they were just next door), and Captain Qob zantai-Hurric (KAG ICB) a long time firend to us visited often with all of us. The Council met with him loosely and discussed our relations in the area, and decided that all was good.

Saturday morning (Tired and hung over) we had arisen to do battle. Those of us that did partake in the bloodwine dragged our sorry butts out of the room and set up the list field. THANKS to the IKF-DC for getting us poor fools COFFEE!!!! After downing that we felt much better.

The authorizations seemed to last forever. Each opponent was worthy of being there. While the Authorizations started I was met by a human child of around 8 years of age. He was rather young to be a production assistant for Trekkies 2, nonetheless, that was what he was. When I asked for the Director, he did appear, and we discussed terms. After those who wanted to be filmed signed the waivers we began. Two and a half hours later the crew finished with 3 interviews, numerous shots of applause, the ceremonial speech to begin the tourney, and much more. Methinks we'll be in the final cut.

After the Tourney, we relaxed till the party later in the evening. My voice was lost. The shouting at the tourney finished it off... So, KPLA that evening was rather interesting. It almost didn't happen, and my voice was doing some funny things.

Sunday. We packed up in record time. and stayed throughout the day to finish the con off. We refueled our stomaches at Buca De Peppo's Italian Restaraunte (BEST FOOD in the Galaxy!!!) and left towards home.

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IKF Anniversary:(Continued from last issue)

On August 1st 1994 a band of Klingons from another organization decided they had enough of the typical fandom scene. A single ship decided to try something different. IKF was born.

This August 1st thru the 3rd in Moorhead, MN some of us will be gathering at IKF's first campout. Neutral Zone. This will be our THIRD year doing this event. And we plan on throwing the biggest party for IKF we can!

It's time to start planning for the party next year when we turn TEN YEARS OLD! More to follow at a later date on that.

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Fighting For A Cure: by Capt. Krom zantai-Ketal

I would like to extend my congratulations to Mordok vestei Riveck (George Richard) of the IKV RakeHell for winning the 2003 IKF National BetleH Championship. This was Mordokks first time competing under IKF rules and his warriors spirit allowed him to pull off many upsets to win this years prize.

I would also like to thank Fleet Mistress Komonda for making the battle sashes that were given to the top three competitors, to Lt.Ruj for building and donating this years prizes, and to everyone else who donated their time and energy to make this years tournament the success it was.

This years tournament raised $175.00 for the American Diabetes Association, surpassing last years total by $35 dollars. For that I salute each and every one of you.

"When Klingons are fighting for a Cure diabetes doesn't stand a chance!"

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Thoughts From The Chancellor:

There is a lot being discussed within the High Council at the moment, and most of this has to do with Klingon Unity of one sort or another.

While there are over 30 plus klingon groups in the world, and most of us do NOT see eye to eye. We all play the same game when you peel away the differences between the groups.

For most of us this is but a game we play to relax. And for others a way of life. But let me concentrate on the first part of this for the moment.

If this is a game to most of us. A way to relax and escape the pressures of everyday life, a hobby, then why do some of us get so damned riled up over something so trivial? Just some thoughts from the Chancellor...

Thought Admiral Kethas epetai-Rustadzh
Chancellor, IKF High Council

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IKF Events:

The Neutral Zone
KOA Campground in Moorhead, MN
August 1st thru the 3rd 2003


Planned Events:

Annual betleH Melee and competition
IKF's 9 year Birthday Celebration
Lady Gov. Bel'LaH Tar's Birthday
Fireside Parties, and Much More!

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