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April/May 2003


Web Updates: The Latest in IKF Web projects
IKF Restructure: An ongoing mission to better IKF
IKF Anniversary : IKF turns 9 years old!
Chancellor's Wedding: The Chancellor says "I do..."
Thoughts from the Chancellor: Things that make him go "Hmmmm..."
IKV Events: Events that IKF is taking part of.

Web Updates:

The Webmaster is finally getting around to all those requests for updates to the site. If you should see something out of place at all, please contact Chancellor Kethas epetai-Rustadzh at
IKF@juno.com with the nature of the error and a correction.

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IKF Restructure:

Currently the debate is on in the High Council as to how we can revitalize the organization. Most everyone knows of the Chancellors encouragement to get things up and running after the long winter. Along with the restructure you will notice creation of a couple of unit types.

For those of you in the Fleet, at one time we were separated by Time Zone into 4 fleets. And then as we cut the fat we just ran with one. Well apparently we're growing again, and so a new beast comes forth from this great new growth.

Squadrons and Wings are now going to be more apparant than ever.
Here's how it works.
For every 2 to 4 ships in a particular region, they would become a squadron based upon the High Council's guidelines.
For every 2 to 3 squadrons (5 + ships) in a region would become a Wing.

No one is sure yet how this will affect the naming of squadrons and wings. No answers as to whether they will be named, numbered, or both... The High Council is still deliberating on this one.

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IKF Anniversary:

On August 1st 1994 a band of Klingons from another organization decided they had enough of the typical fandom scene. A single ship decided to try something different. IKF was born.

Now almost nine years later, we are just as proud, and stubborn as we were during the beginning. We've gotten better at knowing how to run an organization with a High Council. We've come to appreciate all the bumps, bruises, and scars we've gathered along the way.

It's time to start planning for the party both this year, and next year when we turn TEN YEARS OLD! More to follow at a later date on that.

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Chancellor Rustadzh to wed Lady Chal'wI':

It's been three years in the making and about time too! On June 21st of this year, Samuel W. Siegel and Sarah M. Wardwell will finally say "I Do."

In a non-traditional Terran ceremony, the two will exchange the long awaited vows and start anew. "It's about F***ing Time!" said the Chancellor's Executive Officer aboard the IKV NasToj.

"The Chancellor almost let her through his fingertips," According to an anonymous source. "We thought she was ready to kick him all the way to Rochester, NY (The Chancellors Place of Birth) and back if he didn't ask soon."

While we're sure he had his reasons for waiting so long, it's about time! Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Thoughts From The Chancellor:

I was wondering what we should do as an organizational activity... Something we all can sink our teeth into.

One of our primary charitable organizations is the American Diabetes Association. The main fundraiser that we do is the "Fight for a cure." That is done once a year at CONvergence.

But is once a year really enough? In my opinion, NO! There's always more we can do...

In days past we used to to the "Walk for Life" for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. There was much to be said about a group of Klingons walking together showing our colors in support for a cure.

There's also been talk of working with the American Heart Association, which hits rather close to me for an additional event. And also the Epilepsy Foundation of America.

Who says we can limit ourselves to just one charitable organization? I don't remember hearing that.

Just some thoughts from the Chancellor...

Thought Admiral Kethas epetai-Rustadzh
Chancellor, IKF High Council

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IKF Events:

Radisson South in Bloomington, MN (Minneapolis)
July 4th thru the 6th 2003


Planned Events:

"Fight For A Cure" Annual betleH Tournament.
KPLA Radio Broadcast
Fek'Lhr's Den Party Suite
Operation Extinction - Stage 2

The Neutral Zone
KOA Campground in Moorhead, MN
August 1st thru the 3rd 2003


Planned Events:

Annual betleH Melee and competition
IKF's 9 year Birthday Celebration
Fireside Parties, and Much More!

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