Guild Weaponry

The weapons we use are designed with safety in mind.
We want to have fun, not injur each other!

Our weapons of choice are as follows... And will be found in the order you will train with and authorize in.

I - betleH and bob'elth

betleH (Pronounced bet-leh)

The legendary sword that was created by Kahless
(Modified through the years to this form).
It was said that Kahless himself forged the first betleH by taking a strand of his hair and dipping it into the Lava flowing from Fire Mountain.

bob'elth (Pronounced bob-eth or bob-et)

A weapon much similar to it's cousin the betleH. Having only two elipse handles instead of three. When in battle it is much more maneuverable, but that comes at a price. What you make up in maneuverability you lose in defense area.

Marshalls can be noted by their blade tips.

Patterns are availible ONLY by Guild Marshall's, and Guild Armorers.

Construction: CLICK HERE

II - Swords (Long, Short, and Traditional)

Long and Short Swords Not much special about them. In fact they are most similar to a Japanese Katana. These weapons can be fought with one or two hands, and can even be paired up together (Florentine).


Traditional Swords

From the early days of this art form, when we made our betleH from PVC tubing... Often they would break on one end and we had a broken weapon which could not be repaired. But we found if we removed the break and left enough room for a thrusting tip. We could use the "broken betleH" as a sword. And so the tradition continues...

A NOTE on Thrusting Tips: The older designation is with double yellow lines marking the tip, but this got confused with marshalls insignia (barber pole tips), so now ALL THRUSTING TIPS ARE DESIGNATED WITH RED TAPE!

Marshalls can be noted by the yellow/black, or green/black barber pole striping on the blade.


III - Dagger (Daq'taj) (Pronounced Dak-taj)

Currently we have found that ANY VYNIL knife (as long as it bends completely) will work. The only safety measure we have on these is for covering the guards with foam. This is an EXTREMELY INTENSIVE STYLE of weapon to use. And there are very strict authorizations on this type.

Currently only 1 in every 3 of the Guild fighters are authorized for this type of combat.