betleH & bob'elth Construction

There are 2 sets of lists that follow. The first explains the materials needed to construct the weapons, and the tools needed as well. The second list explains the order of which they go together to make the weapon.

Materials and tools needed:
Housing Insulation Foam 1/2" thickness. (The pink stuff) comes in a 4'x8' sheet (Makes 4 betleH or 5 bob'elth).

MANY rolls of Silver Duct tape, and two rolls of Brown duct tape (For Handles).

1/8" corrugated cardboard also in pattern of betleH. 1 per side (For stabilization).

Scissors, utility knife, and a measuring tape.

Order of construction:

First peel the plastic coating off of the insulation sheet. This will allow for an easier drawing of the shape, and cutting. Measure the total width of betleH pattern (from outer blade tip to furthest handle end) and cut insulation sheet into separate pieces.
*You should get either 4 or 5 betleH from a single sheet.

Place pattern on piece of foam to be used, trace pattern, and cut (use utility knife).
When completed cut cardboard to fit over both sides of betleH and tape into position. Like a Sandwich: See Graphic Example
*Cut out handle portion to 3" from blade tip (This will strengthen the life and weight of the betleH, plus provide a firmer grip.

Duct tape the hell out of what's left, at least 2 - 3 layers on blades, and 3 - 4 layers on handle. *USE silver duct tape. **Marshalls will fail a weapon inspection if there is ANY bare cardboard or foam showing!

When completed, then USING Brown duct tape, go over handles 2 - 3 times. (Optional)
Weight when finished should be approximately 1 - 2 lbs.