Transfer Information/FAQ

Recently we've been asked a few questions on transfers into IKF from other organizations and
dual membership with other Klingon groups. Here's the FAQ and additional information we have to share with you.

1.) Some have said that IKF accepts no rank transfers, is that true?

That information is NOT true. We always have accepted transfers. It's even stated in our Bylaws.

IKF Handbook Section VI. Transfers From Other Organizations

"If one decides to join IKF from another organization, rank from the previous service may be able to transfer into IKF.
This ONLY applies to KLINGONS. Federation ranks may NOT transfer into IKF.

The transfer member must enter the Command Training Academy (C.T.A.) before the rank in question may transfer. Also, the transfer member must have an exam proctor to "grade" the exam and determine whether or not to recommend that the rank in question for transfer. The High Council will make the final determination on the matter."

2.) How are ranks transferred from other Klingon groups into IKF?

In IKF we try and match the ranks of those tranferring in as close as possible to the rank of the previous organization they currently hold. Sometimes this does not always work, but here's the series of questions the High Council will ask and discuss regarding a rank transfer.

a.) How long has the one in question been in Klingon Fandom and or their organization?
b.) What's their story? Why are they leaving their current organization? Etc...
c.) What have they done in Fandom and their respective communities?

3.) How are transfer/dual members treated compared to other IKF members?

Simple answer... No different.
Most of the memberhip in IKF started their Klingon service somewhere else. Including those on the High Council.
A Klingon is a Klingon in our book, and will be treated with the honor and respect they deserve!

4.) What does the IKF High Council expect from our transfer/dual members?

Same as we expect from our other members...
We expect you to have fun doing what you do best. Playing Klingon, Monthly communications, participation at events,
and participation in the occasional projects we have in operation at the time.

5.) Are all transfers granted?

For the most part. There are always a few rare exceptions. Such as those known to us to have caused issues or displayed dishonorable conduct (within Fandom). The High Council bases their decision of each transfer according to the merits of the individual/s.

6.) What if an entire ship, squadron, or fleet want to transfer into IKF?

This is not unheard of, in some rare cases this has happened.
There are many possibilities that can occur with this kind of situation.
In the past we've done this a couple of different ways. Incorporation into existing IKF Fleet structure and induction into a specialized fleet or division are among the more popular choices other CO's have made. The question that really is to be answered is what do you wish to do?

If you're interested in transferring a ship, squadron, or fleet into IKF we do ask that the CO of the unit
requesting the transfer contact a Division CO or High Council Member and pose your questions regarding the transfer.

7.) What if I wish to retain my membership within another organization (Dual Membership)?

By all means! IKF tries to work with other organizations to make transitions or Dual memberships a smooth and fun experience for everyone. Plus there's the added bonus of learning from each other to make a better organization. We all have our own way of doing things, but the only way to grow is to learn.

8.) How do you keep functions from one organization seperate from another as a dual member?

If you're part of Klingon group A, and you decide to become a dual member of IKF as well, we understand that your loyalty during a particular fuction your first (or primary) group is hosting is of great importance to you. If it's a joint effort, we know who's banner you'll follow (unless you decide otherwise). It is honorable to fight with where you came from. If you choose to fight under the IKF banner your next battle, then by all means. There is no shame or dishonor by choosing to fight for where your heart lies. The choice is yours, make it clear of your intentions on who's banner to follow during battle.

9.) If I get promoted in my primary organization, will IKF accept the promotion?

This depends on a few things...

a.) What you did to gain the promotion
b.) What you involvement level is with IKF (What you've done for IKF).
c.) What your CO's or the High Council deems an appropriate action.

IKF promotes by level of involvement and actions. We will not promote someone to say General (for example) unless they have done great deeds in fandom, for IKF, and for their community. Several warriors in IKF that are dual members have recieved either awards, medals, or promotions based upon their actions which have resulted in their getting promoted in their primary organizations. It's not unheard of, but does reside in the decisions of your Ship, Sector, and Division Commanders as well as the High Council.

10.) I have a different question regarding dual membership or Transfers. Who do I contact?

You may contact any Chapter CO, Sector CO, Division CO, or member of the High Council for that information. Anyone of those officers can answer your questions, and if it's something they're not sure of it'll get bumped up the chain to find you an answer. For group transfers though, we do suggest you go to the High Council regarding a transfer of an entire group. They'll be able to answer your questions more effectively.