Knaming your Klingon K'Self (Revisited)

By: T. Adm. Kethas zantai-Rustadzh (Chancellor, IKF High Council

There have been many a helpful hint written or told on the subject of Klingon Names... And there are many different techniques to doing so. Recently, a few warriors in Klingon fandom asked me for my take on Klingon Names.

Here are some of the best tips I've run across...

Using names from Books, TV shows, Movies, The Klingon Dictionary, or finding a word that has meaning to you and translating it into Klingon.

Some are given their name through a naming ritual within their ship, House, or with friends.

Placing a 'K' or 'M' onto your First, Middle, or Nickname. 'T' 'V' or 'A' work just as well.
Some choose a variation of their own name. Such as D'rachIr (Richard) or Wa'Ren (Warren), Kris (Chris), KrisTal (Crystal) and so forth.

Then there are the fun ones... K'ditzy, Kuddles, K'runch, and so on... Fun, but do make sure that your name fits your persona before you devote yourself to it. One wouldn't want a name like K'lame when you're a party animal. However the name K'bob on someone who can't dance would be humorous. If you're gonna have a "fun" name, make sure you can live with the ribbing before you take it...

Some even go as far as using sounds to name themselves. Kurg, Kauf, K'ack, and K'tchu are some of my favorites... And lest we not forget the name of the famous Klingon Engineers K'link and K'lank.

And then there's the deciding factors involved if you have more than one choice... Flip a coin, have friends pick one for you, whatever... Just remember, it's your name, and we're gonna call you that!