IKF High Council Etiquette

1. No Disruptive behavior During High Council Sessions.
This includes "side commenting" or talking out of place as it distracts the Council.

2. Remember you're surrounded by Klingons.
Do not allow yourself to appear dishonorable by disrespecting yourself and those who have worked to achieve their position.

3. You will be treated with respect if respect is given.
Do not disrespect those around you and expect to be considered with respect.

4. Dress appropriately. Council Sessions are "Official Proceedings"
You wouldn't wear shorts and T-shirt to your own trial in court, would you?

Addressing the Council

Before one addresses the Council, one must first speak with the Secretary Of State for the Council to determine placement of said reason. The Secretary Of State will then tell you when you will be called...

Upon Addressing the High Council...

In the "At Ease" position for Civilians (Legs shoulder width, and arms in front of body). At "Attention" for Military (Feet together and arms at sides while hands are forming fists).

Announce Yourself BOLDLY... Do not appear to be weak, as this is a sign of disrespect to the Council and those around you.

"Members Of the High Council... I am (State your Title or Rank) (Klingon Name Honorific-House)(Position) (Ship or Division)... I Stand Here before you...(State your reason)"

For Example:

Members Of The High Council... I Am Lt. Cmdr. Kregal vestai-Qatlh, Chief Engineer of the IKV Bloodwind... I Stand here before you to inform you of..."

Addressing A Specific High Council Member

Almost the same thing as before... Only you wish to Address a particular Individual on the Council... Address them first, then Introduce yourself.

If council member is male use the term "My Lord (Rank/Title and Name)" If Female "My Lady (Rank/Title and Name)."

Addressing the Chancellor

"Lord Chancellor" or "My Lord Chancellor" are acceptable terms to use

Rules Of Order during Council Proceedings...

It follows similar to Roberts Rules Of Order...

Old Business, Then New Business...

People address the Council In Descending Rank order... A General will speak before a Captain will, The Captain before the Lt. and so on...

After that the Mek'ba may occur, or an Open invitation for Miscellaneous things brought up at the last minute. Order for this is First Come First Serve!

**The Mek'ba is the name given to that part of a trial or challenge in which evidence is presented. The Mek'ba has strict rules for the presentation of evidence and for the conduct of both the accused and the accuser (much like Terran courts). (See IKF High Council Guidelines within the Bylaws for that information...)