Imperial Klingon Forces


Version XI 1/0510.1

Issued to: IKF

Authorized by:

Chancellor Kethas epetai-Rustadzh

Written by:

Chancellor Kethas epetai-Rustadzh
Lord Admiral Krom zantai-Ketal
Admiral mIgh zantai-SalHov
Lady Komonda zantai-Rustadzh
General Tol'K'ndar zantai-Rustadzh
Admiral Nin'pa zantai-Krull
Governess Katia zantai-Rustadzh
Captain nI'tammoH sutai-Qel
Captain Kuhl sutai-Rustadzh
Commander Kregal sutai-Qatlh
Lt. Kath vestai-Krull

Imperial Klingon Forces Guidelines

I. Mission of the I.K.F. Chapter/s

The mission of the I.K.F. chapter is to act as a smaller unit of the I.K.F. in demonstrations, community functions, and aid with charitable organizations within their respective communities. The chapter or ship will also aid in any I.K.F. International programs that may be executed at the time. But most of all, the I.K.F. mission is to have fun.

II. Rank

All members of I.K.F. will be assigned rank according to the following guidelines:


9 & below_______________________________Cadet

10 - 14_____________Petty Officer 2nd Cl/Lance Corp.

15 - 19________________Petty Officer 1st Cl/ Corporal

20 & above_____________Chief Petty Officer/Sergeant

Once a uniform has been constructed, the crewmember is awarded the rank of Ensign or 2nd Lt./ Lt. JG. Promotion from here is based upon personal involvement level.

Promotional Point System

Shipboard Ranks Point Requirements

Noncom (NCO)______________ (See Sect.II)

*Ensign____________________Age Req.

2nd Lt./Lt. JG ____________________50

Lt.____________________________ 70

Recommendation to Lt.Cmdr. _______100

Commander and up________HC's Approval

Under this system, points are awarded for overall participation and is documented. Once attaining sufficient points to be awarded a rank, points are reset to (0) zero, and must earn points for the next rank to be achieved.

*Ensign is a rank for minors (those under the age of 18). This rank is achieved after a basic uniform is constructed, and before one achieves the rank of 2nd Lt./Lt. JG. Ensigns must enter the CTA and complete the exam before being promoted to 2nd Lt./Lt.JG.

Point Allocation

Creating 1st Uniform____________50

Participating in an event________25

Offering Suggestions_________15

Ship Commanders: Add what you see fit to this list, just make it reasonable, this is just a guideline for you to get an idea on where to start.

III. Chapter Operations

Starting and maintaining an IKF chapter takes hard work, time, and the helpful information in this section. Just about everything you need to know about running an IKF chapter is in this section.

III.a. Starting a chapter

Starting a chapter is not the easiest thing in the world to do. In order to start a chapter you must first have members, enough people to help run it. This usually takes about five (5) people to start a chapter, although some can take as little as one (2) or (3).

Only a few simple steps have to be initiated to start a chapter. A core group of 2-5 people, an idea of what kind of chapter you wish to start, drive and initiative.

When starting a chapter it is also good to know the rules, and by-laws of the fleet or division you joining with. Ask your fleet, or division CO for more information.

III.b. Types of chapters

There are five main types of chapters: Ship, Unit, Colony, Outpost, and Cyber. Most are defined by division. (i.e. Navy = Ship, Marines=Unit, Civilian=Colony, Etc...) And depending on what fleet, division you choose, or the High Council say it can be different. You should check with your regional Fleet, or Division CO for further details.

III.c. Suggested Department Head Positions

Each type of chapter man have different positions for the same jobs. The following are only suggested. You may choose what you wish out of the listing.

XO/1st Officer/Vice Governor/ness: Picked by Chapter CO. Can do several jobs to make life easier for the chapter CO. Treasurer, Vice Pres., Etc...

Security Officer/Advisor: Handles Security matters, and acts as chapter safety officer.

Communications Officer/Advisor: Handles Communications (Snail-mail/E-mail/Phone/Etc...). Also can handle editing/Distribution of newsletter.

Medical Officer/Advisor: MUST BE CPR QUALIFIED (at least). Does literal job of medic. Also is responsible for common sense things like letting one know they are too tired, Etc... at a con or meeting. VERY USEFUL OFFICER TO HAVE!

Engineering Officer/Advisor: R+D of projects technical or otherwise. Can work with Chief of Communications on websites. Designing, planning, Etc...

NOTE: The above responsibilities are only suggested, the Chapter CO may add/delete any of the above items as he/she sees fit. Also, the Chapter CO may appoint anyone from any IKF Division that is qualified to do that job. Most department chief positions are taken by vote or "Right Of Challenge" on the 1st and 6th month of the year.

See High Council Guidelines for "Right Of Challenge"

III.d. Meetings

Schedule meetings about one month apart from each other, if possible. Follow an agenda so you know what is going on from month to month. An Agenda acts as a record of what goes on at each monthly meeting. This is just a suggestion but when you contact your division or fleet CO and they ask what you did for that month, you can send them a copy of your agenda in your communication.

III.e. Monthly Communications

In IKF there are NO monthly reports. XFER people prepare to be dazzled! In IKF as long as you contact your division or fleet CO one a month, there will be NO reports.

All that is required is o say "Hi, how are you?" and let them know what's up with your chapter. Extremely informal communication is what we want. If you join IKF we try to get everyone to communicate with each other. You never know what kind of friends you can make.

III.f. Funding the Chapter

The Chapter can promote itself and request donations. It cannot sell items strictly for profit. Although crafts and such may be given for donations to the chapter. Appearances do not count in terms of profit, as long as all funds collected go towards the chapter.


IV. IKF Structure

Vice Chancellor
High Council
(Chief of Staff and other Council members)
Division CO's
Sector CO's
Chapter CO's
Dept. Heads
General Membership

IV - I: ALL ranks will respect each other. This WILL be followed at ALL OFFICIAL FUNCTIONS.
Respect for ALL ranks / fleets / divisions MUST BE RECOGNIZED.

"Respect for the members as people is more important than the game."

-Chancellor Kethas epetai-Rustadzh

IV - II: IKF wishes to place the best warrior for the job in any command post.
Therefore each Command Level Officer must go through the Command Training Academy.

IV - III: Sector CO's should be the highest ranking ship/chapter CO in that particular region.
Unless The High Council determines otherwise pending a review.

V. IKF High Council Guidelines

V. a: IKF High Council Mission Statement:

The mission of the IKF High Council is to govern the membership of the IKF and to run the day to day operations of the IKF. The duties of the IKF High Council include, but not limited to:

-Promotions/Awards: Voting on who, what, how high, etc..
-Demotions/reprimands: When deemed appropriate by Tribunal Judgement
-Discharge: When deemed appropriate by Tribunal Judgement
-Diplomacy: Deciding on what matters to follow, clean up, etc...
-Membership issues: Who, what, where, when, how long, New members, transfers, etc...
-National projects: Which ones to do, etc...
-Command Training Academy: Administration and Proctoring of Exams
-Running divisions with no CO's
-Protecting the general membership from politics
-Protecting and enforcing IKF policy

V -I: Entry to High Council--

Rank from Captain sutai- and up are eligible to serve on the Council, but must have at least two recommendations from other High Council Members

------------- ---------------- -------------

V - II: Judgment Making--

All, except the High Council Member suggesting the idea/action may vote on the judgment. Judgments may pass on a Majority Rule basis.

Once a single judgment has been made, it CAN be challenged as per Klingon Traditions.

-------------- ---------------- ---------------

V - III: Challenges (formal, informal, local, and international)--

A challenge, for whatever reason, may be issued if one feels that a particular judgment is wrong. A cha'DIch (second) must be chosen by the challenger. The cha'DIch will "fight" for the challenger (physical (foam bet'leH), or verbal (insult circle) only in Role Play) and as a result of a High Council ruling may be asked to assume whatever command the challenger may have, but not rank and title.

One may have TWO (2) challenges (unless otherwise specified) on a High Council Judgment, but ONLY cha'DIch may ask for one (1) final appeal. Once an appeal has been granted, whatever the ruling, the challenger must live with the judgment, as a Klingon.

------------- ---------------------- -----------------

V - IV: Promotion--

At local levels: follow the IKF Handbook to Lieutenant. From Lt.Cmdr. and up are based upon recommendation and High Council Judgments.

--------------- ----------------------- --------------

V - V: Demotion--

At local levels Lieutenant and below shall be accomplished by Ship Command Staff. Lt.Cmdr. and up shall require a High Council Judgment by recommendation of Ship CO's and/or Fleet CO's. *Challenges are allowed.

----------------- ------------------------ ---------------

V - VI: Discharge from IKF--

ONLY IF BLATANT DISRESPECT, OR OBVIOUS GUIDELINES (Common sense) guidelines included (i.e. physical/mental abuse) are broken, can one be dismissed from service in IKF, providing a Tribunal Judgement.

*Challenge may only happen ONCE in this case, and ONLY ONE (1) appeal, period, regardless of decision.

-------------------- -------------------- --------------------

V - VII: Judicial Tribunal

If at an Event, Convention, Ship Function, Etc… And a Tribunal is needed to remove or demote someone from service for breaking Sections V-VI or X of the IKF Guidelines the Senior 3 Command level Officers will convene to determine the proper course of action to take against the member in question and carry the sentence out..

The Tribunal will act as Judge and Jury.

ONLY the IKF High Council can determine if the Tribunal Judgement is unfair after a review.

And ONLY the IKF High Council can over-rule a decision made by the Tribunal.

Appeals on Judgements made by the Tribunal must be brought before the IKF High Council


-------------------- -------------------- --------------------
V - VIII: Rules of Engagement
This rule is brought about to keep personal affairs from enetering into organizational governing. If a matter outside of IKF has nothing to do with the organization directly... Leave it out! For example: If someone acts outside honor on a personal level (i.e. infidelity, traffic court, divorce, etc..), and has not done anything to the organization itself, it's certainly none of IKF's business how it's members act when not representing the organization.

VI. Transfers From Other Organizations

If one decides to join IKF from another organization, rank from the previous service may be able to transfer into IKF. This ONLY applies to KLINGONS. Federation ranks may NOT transfer into IKF.

The transfer member must enter the Command Training Academy (C.T.A.) before the rank in question may transfer. Also, the transfer member must have an exam proctor to "grade" the exam and determine whether or not to recommend that the rank in question for transfer. The High Council will make the final determination on the matter.

VII. Command Training Academy

Everyone that wishes to command a chapter in IKF, transfers into IKF, or is a minor going towards the rank of Ensign must enter the CTA. When this happens a proctor should be chosen. Usually a Ship CO, Fleet, or Division CO proctors the exam.

The proctor will guide the CTA applicant through what information they need to know, have the applicant study the information, evaluate the results of the exam, and report the evaluation to either the Ship CO, Fleet CO, or Division Head.

The proctor will issue the applicant a CTA ID Number. Usually a 6-10 character number.

VIII. Cyber Ops / Cyber Chapters

Cyber Ops has no rank structure in it whatsoever. This is based on the simple fact that whoever created a website (in IKF, for and IKF chapter or whatnot) has the editing rights to that website. Cyber Ops is there for those webmasters to use as a way of assisting in updating or help creating a website. If a webmaster is having time constraints to update information onto an existing website, he or she can contact Cyber Ops to see if assistance is available.

VIII.a. Cyber Chapters

Cyber Chapters are those chapters that only exist in cyberspace. Contact is strictly via e-mail or Internet chat. The set-up of such a chapter is the same as it would be for a real-time chapter, and ranks are based strictly on assistance with the chapter (personal involvement). Uniforms are not required, however if a member of a cyber chapter has a uniform, standard ranking applies.

Fleet and Division CO's will handle Cyber Chapters according the above guidelines mixed with the already guidelines of real-time chapters. This is an effort to mix the two into a working fleet, or region.

VIV. Imperial Klingon Forces Uniform Codes/Requirements

1. Uniform must be recognizable as a uniform

2. The person wearing it must be identifiable as a KLINGON.

Either IMPERIAL (ST:TNG) or FUSION (ORIGINAL) uniforms are acceptable as long as they meet the above requirement.

I. Battle sashes: Lt. and above may wear a Battle sash.

II. Command Cloaks: ONLY COMMAND LEVEL OFFICERS may wear a Command Cloak.

III. Decorations: Wear only the ones you EARN, other than that NONE shall be worn.

IV. Live steel is not preferred to be worn at events, but in the case that it is, it MUST be peace bonded (Sheathed)!

It is not IKF's intention to tell its members what to do, say, or how to act. That diminishes fun. Another thing that diminishes fun for everyone are the few that get out of hand at a con, or official function, and bring unwanted attention to the group. Therefore, because people do get carried away at times, we have decided to add Common Sense laws, what we call I.C.O.C., to the table. This is by no means an attempt to control our members' lives, but rather to remind them of the real world that surrounds the fantasy.

I. ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE CLAUSE: NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES (i.e. marijuana, cocaine, etc...) shall be tolerated on any site, in any capacity involving IKF whatsoever. IKF does not support the use of illicit substances. However since we cannot (and will not) show prejudice towards anyone we cannot/will not limit our memberships to elitist standards, nor can we control their actions:

I a. Anyone caught with Illegal Substances at any IKF event shall be immediately removed from IKF membership, and asked to leave the premises of said event.

I b. Anyone caught under the influence of Illegal Substances while in costume/representing IKF shall be immediately removed from IKF membership and asked to leave the premises of said event.

II. ALCOHOL "STUPIDITY" CLAUSE: Becoming inebriated is no excuse for poor conduct! If you drink use moderation. Acting in an improper, or indecent manner due to the affects of alcohol have made their share of attention grabbers to many a con patron, as well as con staff, and local authorities around the world. Therefore the following standards have been voted unanimously by the High Council to be added:

IIa. ANYONE Caught making a "fool" of themselves after indulging in heavy or excessive intake of alcoholic beverages (or fruit soaked in such) shall be reminded once when their behavior becomes questionable to "say when." If the situation escalates the person/s in question shall be asked to leave the group for the day/evening and return to their quarters (if available), or call for a taxicab to their dwelling. Then the chapter commander shall make the determination on whether or not to alert the council of such behavior. NOTE: Once the council has been alerted, it is out of the chapter commanders hands, and the High Council will determine which course of action to take.

IIb. DUI/DWI: If acquired en route to con/IKF event/home, or vice versa, in uniform/representing IKF you will be asked to resign you post and commission. This can be challenged, but the likeliness of such an appeal as about the same as attempting to talk your way out of the DUI/DWI.

"We don't like these rules anymore than you do!"
-Chancellor Rustadzh -Vice Chancellor Drakken'Ral

Reference 1. The IKF Guide to fandom diplomacy.

"The art of diplomacy is telling a person to go to Hell, and have them look forward to the trip!" -Chancellor Rustadzh

The art of diplomacy is quite a difficult task. It involves constant acts of communication, and knowledge of how things can get misconstrued and bent out of proportion. Diplomacy is a wonderful thing, use it to your advantage, as well as to the advantage of others. This guide will help you to understand this fine art, and avoid all sorts of political issues that go hand in hand with fandom.

First, try to get a good perspective on an upcoming situation, and try to maintain it as a well organized relationship. If a fan organization is trying to start relations on a good note, try to keep it that way! Try to compromise on certain things, but also try to make sure that the compromise is beneficial to your groups' interest. If a problem should arise, try to solve it as adults, and be professional about it. This also avoids conflicts between organizations. If things so not seem to work out, and trouble arises, let it be... ignore them for a while, if that doesn't work, try to figure out what the problem is, and solve it. Some may ask, "How does one accomplish this?" Ask questions as to what went wrong, or what the problem is. Do not resort to "undermining" them, retaliation, or violence! Try to avoid these matters as one would avoid the black plague.

Second, get to know your objective group. Invite them to meetings and other related functions; let them see what your group is all about. If all goes well, you should have new "friends" to play with, or even better an ally. Do not resort to "signing treaties" or agreements of any kind. The best way to remain "friendly" is to keep out unnecessary paperwork, or politics. This should be beneficial to both organizations, and avoid trouble of any kind.

If things should get blown all out of proportion, and politics should enter into it... Something went wrong! It could be one or the other, or even both groups. The solution is simple, but not easy to attain. You have to get the other to listen, as well as yourself. Then try it all over again. It should work, in the case that it doesn't; three times's a charm! Good luck!