Klingon Costuming on a Budget…

By. Kethas

So, you want to play Klingon, but you have a limited budget…
This is not as much of an issue as people think. Sure at first it can look a little intimidating, but as with any COSPLAY setting, one must start somewhere!

The costume itself is relatively easy to figure out. First timers are always intimidated by the costumes are mostly seen in Leather or vinyl. But that is just the most popular form of it.

The truth of the matter is, this is COSPLAY. Costume Playing… You have a creative license to create whatever you deem to be Klingon. Most people forget this when they start doing this. Nobody says you have to go out there and create a true to screen right off the set authentic looking costume. If that’s your goal, have at… For the rest of us it may take a little time to create something on that spectrum.

First things first… Look in your closet. Many times we all have items we thought at one time were cool or stylish but they didn’t fit into what we thought were fashionable aside from a one time wear or whatnot. If your closet is found barren one can always go shopping at a discount or thrift store. Often the pieces you find don’t look like much at first. However, they can be modified or transformed into something that resembles a more appropriate Klingon look.

It’s amazing what RIT Clothing Dyes and adding the right pieces of accessories or sewing on the right modifications can, all inexpensively. One must only tap into that creative part of their brains, do a little research, and create.

Makeup is a bit more challenging to find on the inexpensive side, but if you take steps to prepare your SFX “Grimorie” it will not take long to create.

Some key things you will need for makeup are Foundations, translucent powders, eyeliners, rouge, and some specialty items like Liquid Latex and Spirit Gum. Also, best not to forget brushes, sponges, cleaning and moisturizing agents, things of that nature.

Now there are a few places you can get these items, and the costs vary from really inexpensive, to really expensive depending on what you choose. Keep in mind though, with makeup you get what you pay for, for the most part.

The best makeup out there for Klingon stuff (in my opinion and most other makeup artists) is Ben Nye Makeups. You’ll pay a little more, but it’s hypo-allergenic, lasts long, and is very easy to work with. For what it is it’s actually reasonably priced and a simple kit can cost around $20 plus shipping, a halfway decent kit will run $55 plus shipping, and the Pro movie kit runs around $120-140. I highly recommend ay of these kits as they will last a good while (I had the $55 kit for well over 15 years, back then it was $25).

Not everyone can afford that though, so there is always readily available CoverGirl and NYC Cosmetics. Both those will do absolutely fine, but remember to get a good translucent powder for whatever makeup you decide to use.

The cheapest option for makeup is going to be the Dollar Stores, those of them that have makeup. Keep in mind, those are usually of lower quality and quantity, but will do the trick in a pinch.

Liquid Latex is going to be expensive no matter what you do. When possible buy in larger quantities as this is way cheaper per ounce than buying a 1oz bottle for $8 on ebay.
Best to shop around, usually a good price for latex on ebay is around $30-$35 for 32oz bottle which will last you a while unless you’re making headpieces with it…

So, in a nutshell without going into a whole lot of detail so your eyes gloss over, this is basically it as far as the basics of Playing Klingon on a budget go. Of course there is a ton of information out there, but this is more than sufficient to get one started. Good Luck and Have Fun!