Kommand Korner

Greetings warriors!
A lot has changed for us over the past couple of years. We've become mor organized, shedded some dead weight, grown in strength, restored communications with old allies, and gained new allies... And that's just for starters!

The IKF High Council has gone through some changes as well... New policies are in place for smoother operations all across the board, some of the original Council as even come back from hiatus as well. Even the IKF website has also gone through some changes too! It's easier for us to navigate, has some new bells and whistles, new graphics and more... With everything going on, and the changes that have taken place, it's all a good thing!

Now on to the newsletter...

You will notice in this issue, and many more to come, a few changes that have taken place.
We've shortened the menu to make it easier for those of us that work on it to get all the information to you each quarter, on time. There are also going to be a few other small changes to the format that will be seen as the newsletter inproves...

We're going to be looking for new stories, pics, artwork, AER's, and a number of all things Klingon, and IKF related for you to share in each issue. But, the newsletter is only as strong as the information you share with us!

So, please have all items for submission into the next issues due on the following dates...

For Issue V06-3 (3rd Qtr): July 31st
For issue v06-4 (4th Qtr): November 30th
For issue v07-1 (1st Qtr): January 31st
For issue v07-2 (2nd Qtr): April 30th

That's going to be the schedule from now, until we decide to change it...

If there are any questions, comment, or concerns, feel free to get a hold of me at any time. My door is always open.

In service to IKF!

Thought Admiral Kethas epetai-Rustadzh
Chancellor, Imperial Klingon Forces
CO, Fleet Ops / D'Kai Sector / IKV NasToj