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The Warriors Cry
Official Newsletter of the Imperial Klingon Forces

V 06 - 2
April, May, June 2006

In This Issue:

What the future holds for Klingon fandom, Battle reports from Camp Dover and other assorted conquests, Kethas speaks to all about our revitalization of The Warrior's Cry, Links, Chapter listings, and much more!

The Future of Klingon Fandom? By: Thought Admiral Rustadzh:
Some things he's noticed throughout Klingon fandom over the years. WARNING: There may be things in this article that you may find upsetting. Be prepared to deal with it!

Camp Dover 15 AER's... By: Various warriors who went to this final historic event!

Klingon Resources 101 By: Thought Admiral Rustadzh.
A look back at some of our more comprehensive resources on How to play Klingon. Everything from Naming and Persona Development to Costuming and more!

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