After Event Reports (AER's)

AER on the Last Camp Dover.

My ship was left with a Skeleton Crew while I headed out to Dover on Friday Morning. Mainly because there was no one else to take Hel's shift at her work. So... Off I went in my pickup.

There were a few interesting, but small mechanical issues that required a few temporary lay-overs to make the approproate repairs, and soon enough I was back on the road and heading for Dover.

I had arrived after opening ceremonies, and was met at the door by none other than our own General K'himoghjiH, and was quickly met by Admiral mIgh and Charles Parks of the Anpu Attck Fleet. he greetings were long overdue!

Both had offered to assist me in my unpacking of a very tired shuttle (the IKS Pleasedon'tbreakdown) and had done so in an extremely efficient manner! Thanks again to both of you!

After unpacking and setting the party room up, I donned very little in the way of garb, but set out with mIgh by my side. And much merriment was to be had. Meeting new people, placing faces with names I had heard throughout the years, and making new contacts throughout the Empire.

Saturday morning brought on breakfast, followed by my enterance into the Camp Dover Big Ugly Gun contest. And the pics can be found on the Dover website. I took frst place.

Saturday afternoon was spent wathing and being goated into the Rites of Ascension by Thought Admiral Kla'ad (Thanks Joe! lol), and I even ran into former members of the IKV NasToj who served her well during her first tour. It had been 12 years since I saw Kathy and Maria, and the stories and bittersweet memories were just what I had needed to find my Klin once again!

The group pic was taken just before the banquet, and the banquet itself was very emotional for everyone! I don't think I saw a dry eye in the room at more than one point during the banquet.

Saturday night also brought forth the Rustai (I know I'm murdering the word) Ceremony which was aligning a few houses with the House SalHov, and in effect House Rustadzh as well...

After that, the parties came about as we opened up the party room and about an hour later were asked to bring our bloodwine down to the ballroom where the dance was being held. All the party rooms were asked to do this. Joe was not about to let this con go quietly ino the night, and party we did!

Sunday was an extremely emotional day for everyone. The passing of an era had taken placeand the delegates for the CDPC had gathered one last time and the flags had been passed on. mIgh, Charles, and I were invited into the legendary Black Knights ,an honor of which took us all by surprise. The tales of this unit is a long and glorious one that have a deep root in Klindom. Now it was time to say goodbye. And while there were many of us trying tocleave on time, or at a set time. It was not to be. I was going to leave right after closing ceremonies (at noon.) and didn't leave till close to 15:30.

The ride back to D'Kai sector was a long one full of reflection over what Dover has meant to us over the past 15 years, and what will be.

My ship, the IKV NasToj, turns 16 on May 7th. This event, Camp Dover is exactly what it's all about. Gathering with friends to come together for a common thing. Fun. Trek, and Friendship. It was an honor for our colors to be present there! Not just the NasToj, but IKF's.

We can take pride in the fact that we were all represented among Fandoms finest, and were welcomed with open arms!

Thought Admiral Kethas epetai-Rustadzh
Chancellor, Imperial Klingon Forces
CO, Fleet Ops/D'Kai Sector/IKV NasToj

IKV NasToj AER - Quakertown, PA Arts Alive Festival
0605.20 1130HRS-1700HRS EST

I arose Saturday Morning from a rather deep slumber to the sounds of a street festival outside my quarters. The Annual Quakertown Arts Alive Festival was buzzing a 3 block area of downtown.

Once I realized what was going on, I quickly grabbed my gear and out the door I went. I was the only one from my ship who attended, and it being such short notice it was no surprise.

Immediately I was approached by terrans who were curious, to say the least, of the presence of a Klingon Warrior strolling through the center of town. Most had only seen one on short films in days past. None had known of our presence here.

I was quickly approached by local law enforcement and the organizers of this event. I was expecting some resistance, but instead found an overwhelming acceptance of my presence there, and they welcomed our appearance with open arms and invitations to join the celebration next year in a more official capacity.

Some Terran children were shocked, but most curious of our presence there and the seeds of the Empire were planted in their brains. Parents and on-lookers of all kinds quickly asked for photographs with their families and friends.

Some terrans, a vendor offering martial arts classes and information on their school specifically, was curious about our form of hand to hand and hand weapon combat. Information was exchanged and the possibility of a demonstration class was discussed.

When asked about the Empire's dealings on Earth, I mentioned our willingness to assist in worthy causes and our abilities in providing worthwhile entertainment. This idea stunned some of the locals, and all were pleased to hear we weren't there just for destructive recreational purposes.

The people in this quaint Eastern PA town were given notice that the Imperial Klingon Forces has a presence, and that we are indeed recruiting and looking for honorable warriors to aid in the increasing number of IKF warriors.

A few were aware of fandoms slow decline, and all who approached were pleased that there are those of us who are more than willing to take a stand and carry on what has become known as the Roddenberry Legacy.

There are numerous events in the surrounding area similar to the one I attended today. And there are a great many more across the nation and around the world. If we all happen to get news of these types of events, and even if just one uniformed warrior attends once in each city, town or village throughout the year, that will equal an extremely visible presence for the Empire as a whole.

Thought Admiral Kethas epetai-Rustadzh
Chancellor, Imperial Klingon Forces
CO, Fleet Ops/D'Kai Sector/IKV NasToj

Anpu Attack Fleet AER
200 Member Party
26 February 2006

Greetings All!
I wanted to say that the 200 member party, held tonight at Admiral SalHov's home, was EXTREMELY FUN! I engaged in my first Bat'leth combat, and even scored a kill! *EVIL LAUGH*

GhopNImIgh zantai SalHov (Kevin Brower) served as the official photographer for the event.

GhopNImIgh zantai SalHov (Kevin Brower)'s fiancée, mInmIgh SalHov (Sandra Laney) was honored with the title of Trainer, in which she will guide new fighters in their guild training as well as engaging in her first combat.

My wife, jevmIgh SalHov (Robin Wittenberg) was honored with the title of Judge for Anpu Fighter's Guild events & engaged in her first combat.

Admiral ruvmIgh gintak SalHov (Charles Parks) also engaged in combat, and sustained minor hewmon injuries, as did HaghmIgh SalHov (LeAnn Stout).

We all enjoyed some hewmon food, drink, etc. Sadly, not many members were able to show up, but the party was a success anyway!

I also want to send out a special thanks to Admiral mIgh, Admiral ruvmIgh, Admiral ruvmIgh's wife, my wife, GhopNImIgh & mInMigh and others for providing the hewmon food we all so enjoyed! If I left anyone out, may I be fed to a Ferengi's mother!

Lt.Jg. mISmIgh tai-SalHov
Commanding Officer, IKV Selket's Wrath

Anpu Attack Fleet AER
Days of Honor Celebration
26 March 2006

The Tera'gnan date was 26 March, 2006. The Place, the covert Tera'gnan residence of Admiral mIgh SalHov, ruvmIgh SalHov & The Lady Loretta.
The Event: Klingon Days Of Honor.
The Setting: Admiral mIgh's backyard and residence.
The Time: 1:00PM, Tera'gnan time.

Admiral mIgh, Admiral ruvmIgh, the lady Loretta were preparing sustenance for everyone, while concealing the presence of one HaghmIgh SalHov from the others, intending on her presence being a shock to all warriors, when they heard the sounds of disruptors firing, explosions, screams of Tera'gnans in terror & pain & the sound of Admiral GhopNImIgh's Tera'gnan vehicle entering the property. Suddenly, the door exploded in a blinding flash, and there, in the threshold, stood Admiral GhopNImIgh, the lady mInmIgh & Lt.Jg's mISmIgh & jevmIgh SalHov, prepared for battle....

Suddenly, from nowhere, HaghmIgh SalHov jumped out of her hiding spot, squealing like a Ferengi who has found gold-pressed latinum that some careless Tera'gnan had lost. After subduing the said squealer by using a Tera'gnan torture method known as tickling....the assembled warrior's indulged in the sustenance that had been prepared, and drank of two new, frightening Tera'gnan drink's called: kool-aid & coff-ee?.....I dare say they are even as good as bloodwine!

Then, puqbe'mIgh challenged all warrior's to honorable combat in the backyard of the domicile. As the warrior's prepared for battle, Admiral mIgh & Admiral ruvmIgh brought forth the weaponry to be used...Lt.Jg. SalHov settled a blood feud with both Admiral GhopNImIgh SalHov & HaghmIgh SalHov. All warriors in these blood feuds were able to claim victory, honorably. Several other battles ensued, and many warriors suffered inuries....honorably of course!

The lady mInmIgh SalHov donated her time in a most Klingon-like fashion to train puqbe'mIgh & Lt.Jg. mISmIgh SalHov in secret combat technique's developed by Admiral mIgh. Lt.Jg. mISmIgh SalHov was trained in the art of judging these combats by the lady mInmIgh as well.

There were several free-for-all battles involving the entire crew. jevmIgh SalHov was killed in one of these by none other then her own husband, mISmIgh! I doubt he slept safely last night!

After all the dust settled from the combat, a large number of weapons used had to be turned into the junkyard, as 2/3 of the weapons were either damaged or destroyed in combat. Battle weary and sweating from combat, the warriors retired to Admiral mIgh, Admiral ruvmIgh & the Lady Loretta's home to rest and indulge in more bloodwine, singing Klingon battle songs of victor and defeat of their enemies.

After a long rest period, many warriors were forced to return to their covert roles in Tera'gnan jobs & homes, so the warriors departed, eager for the next chance at battle!

Respectfully submitted this date: 27-Mar-06

Lt.Jg. mISmIgh tai-SalHov Commanding Officer, IKV Selket's Wrath

Anpu Attack Fleet AER
cigar Tasting At Just For Him
27 april 2006

On Thursday, April 27, 2006, members of the Anpu Attack Fleet met up at Just For Him for a cigar-tasting event from 1700-1900. HaghmIgh, GhopNImIgh, mInmIgh, and mISmIgh attended the event. mIgh, ruvmIgh, and Loretta would have been there had they not been on their way to Camp Dover at the time.

HaghmIgh originally selected a table inside, but the smoke became too bothersome for her and mInmIgh, so the group moved to an outside table. The food served included Little Smokies, an assortment of vegetables, baked beans, and chips.

A drawing was held at 6:30. None of the group members won anything.


HaghmIgh SalHov
Combat Ready to Serve the Empire!!!

Anpu Attack Fleet AER
07 May 2006

The Place: Hammons Field
The City: Springfield, Missouri
The Date: May 7, 2006
The Event: Skull Ball

The contingent from the Anpu Attack Fleet, Admiral mIgh SalHov, Admiral GhopNImIgh zantai SalHov, mInmIgh SalHov (Sandra Laney) & Fleet Captain mISmIgh SalHov learned that the hew-mon's were attempting to hold a game of skull ball....having learned of the treachery, the Attack Fleet contingent decided to make a covert raid on the facility, in order to gather intel on the hew-mon's and their pathetic attempt at a skull ball team.

mInmIgh SalHov (Sandra Laney)'s grandmother provided the latinum needed to gain entry to the event. Through planning and resourcefulness, the contingent were able to gather top-secret replica's of the facility for study by fleet intel operatives.

At precisely 6:10PM hew-mon time, the skull ball game one point early in the game, a hew-mon had the foolishness to allow herself to be struck by a flying skull......stupid hew-mons! Although she behaved in an almost Klingon-like fashion, protecting her young ones from the flying skull, so i suppose she is worthy of a bit of respect......after all, it IS honorable to defend one's young warriors.....

After a fierce battle by the local skull ball team, posing as a Triple A hew-mon Baseball team, the Springfield Cardinals, the local team emerged victorious over a hew-mon team, the San Antonio Missions with a score of 3 to 1! QAPLA' WARRIORS!

The contingent from the Attack Fleet made a discreet exit, as our mission was COVERT!


Fleet Captain mISmIgh zantai-SalHov
Commanding Officer,
IKV Selket's Wrath
Anpu Attack Fleet
Combat Ready to Serve the Empire!!!

Anpu Attack Fleet AER
camp Dover Peace Conference
26 april 2006

Departure: 26-Apr-06 1500 hrs
Return: 03-May-03 0030 hrs

Mission Brief: Black Admiral mIgh zantai SalHov, (Michael Anderson) and Admiral ruvmIgh gintak SalHov, (Charles T. Parks), accompanied by his glorious wife, (Loretta Parks), attend Dover Peace Conference as representatives of the Anpu Attack Fleet.

Report: The Attack Fleet delegation was picked up by a small terragnan shuttle craft called a Yellow Cab at 1500 hrs and taken to a larger shuttleport that the terragnanpu’ call a Greyhound bus Terminal. The delegation was then shuttled from Springfield, Missouri to St. Louis, Missouri to Columbus, Ohio to Cambridge, Ohio to Dover, Ohio … A distance of some 774 terragnan miles over a 21 hour period … NOTE – terragnanpu’ need to work on their transporter technologies. Upon arrival at Dover, Ohio, the delegation was met, most gloriously by; Thought Admiral Klaad epetai-K'tarra (Joe Manning), Major General K'nocrod zantai-Tumid, (John Henderson), Major General Cha'do zantai-Ta'raQ, (Calvin Nestleroad), and Admiral Zarcon zantai-Ta'raQ (Todd Bowman), all of the Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Forces. After the initial warm greeting and the transfer of the diplomatic luggage, Major General K’nocrod zantai-Tumid then transferred the delegation in TRUE tlhIngnan style to the physical conference site.

Once at the site of the Peace Conference, and after checking in, the delegation finally met face to face with such other distinguished delegates as Thought Admiral Kethas epetai-Rustadzh, (Sam Siegel), Lieutenant General K'moghjIH zantai-Ki'RK, (Larry D. French, Sr.), Fleet Admiral Be’jen. (Cindy Farone), and a multitude of other worthy and honorable delegates, too many to list them all here.

During the opening ceremonies, the Attack Fleet delegation was represented by both BAdm mIgh and Adm ruvmIgh, also representing the Klingon Empire. After the ceremonies, some prepared for the 1920’s – a Piece of the Action festivities while others like BAdm mIgh went to hang out with Thought Admiral Kethas and start the in room broadcast of KPLA’s room party.

On the second day of the conference TAdm Kethas entered and won the Big Ugly Gun contest with his glorious sniper rifle from Gre’thor. After a little celebration, mIgh and Kethas went outside and participated in the Klingon Rite of Accession. Later in the day a mass group photo was taken outside the conference facility. After a while everyone assembled in the dining hall for the Banquet for the flag ceremonies. A joyous and somber event as this was to be the last Dover Peace Conference and we were here to honor Thought Admiral Klaad epetai-K'tarra. After the Banquet, Thought Admiral Klaad epetai-K'tarra was roasted and honored. Outside a Ruu’stai was had uniting four Klingon Houses; House Ta’raQ represented by Admiral Zarcon zantai-Ta'raQ, House SalHov represented by Black Admiral mIgh zantai-SalHov, House Tumid represented by Major General K'nocrod zantai-Tumid, and House Rustadzh represented by Thought Admiral Kethas Epetai-Rustadzh. Admiral ruvmIgh and Lady Parks were also in attendance. We then retired to KPLA’s temporary studios for conversation and bloodwine.

On the day the terragnanpu’ call Sunday, we arose to catch the end of the ending ceremonies, say farewell to most of our newfound allies as well as old allies who we now had faces to go with their names. A warrior’ agreement was forged between Thought Admiral Klaad epetai-K'tarra of the Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Forces and Thought Admiral Kethas Epetai-Rustadzh or the Imperial Klingon Forces. A small multitude of us went and invaded a nearby “Denny’s” for a farewell breakfast / lunch with Thought Admiral Klaad epetai-K'tarra. The Delegation retired to our room for a final night after many a long and heartfelt farewell.

The next morning the Delegation prepared for departure and was escorted about the are by Thought Admiral Klaad epetai-K'tarra and a new ally after a light launch at “Denny’s” the Delegation went to a hobby shop and then a VFW hall - Ahhhh a non-terragnan culture with some respect for its warriors. After a while It became necessary for Thought Admiral Klaad epetai-K'tarra to depart the Delegation. Our new ally stayed until the Delegation caught the Greyhound shuttle to Cambridge, Ohio, once there a taxi was taken to and from a local hotel, for the duration of the Delegation’s extended layover. The delegation then continued on a trip reciprocal to the one it took to the Conference…travel took almost 29 hours to get back …. Terragnanpu’, what a concept!! I am beginning to believe that the Terragnanpu’ mass transit system is secretly run by Ferengi and scheduled and maintained by Pakleds, with Orions secretly handling the luggage. Once back at the Admirals’ quarters, the delegation proceeded to collapse.

Overall Mission was a Success!!!!

Respectfully submitted this date: 04-May-06


mIgh zantai SalHov qIv'aj, DaHar Master
Epetai of House SalHov
Black Admiral of the IKEF, IKF, and the Anpu Attack Fleet
Member of IKEF High Council
Member of IKF High Council
Consular General, Missouri Sector (IKEF)
Commander of IKEF's Pirate / Privateer Forces
Commanding Officer - Anpu Attack Fleet
Executive Officer - Western Quadrant (IKEF)
Commanding Officer - Special Operations (IKF)
Combat Ready to Serve the Empire!!!