IKF Trifoil
Imperial Klingon Forces


On this page you will find PDF files containing T-SHIRT/Banner Graphics for you to print out on any DARK T-SHIRT TRANSFER paper.

We reccomend the AVERY DARK T-SHIRT TRANSFER PAPER (Stock #3279).
It's relatively inexpensive, very easy to use, and you don't have to reverse the image.
Just Print, cut out, peel the backing off, put the parchment over, and iron.

To find them on-line, you can always google search "dark t-shirt transfers for inkjet printers"

Make sure you use a BLACK 100% COTTON T-SHIRT for best results

T Shirt/Banner Lettering

T Shirt/Banner IKF Trifoil

For BEST results with the T-Shirt Transfers:

1.) FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS from the transfer paper package.

2.) Place the lettering about 1/2 inch to an inch below the trifoil.

3.) Don't over iron as it will burn the transfer image.

4.) Wash in COLD water with the shirt inside out.