Imperial Klingon Forces Uniform Codes/Requirements

1. Uniform must be recognizable as a uniform

Note: Basic Black shirt, pants, and boots are often used as a starting point. In IKF this is considered an unwritten rule

2. The person wearing it must be identifiable as a KLINGON.

Either IMPERIAL (ST:TNG) or FUSION (ORIGINAL) uniforms are acceptable as long as they meet the above requirement.

I. Battle sashes: Lt. and above may wear a Battle sash.

II. Command Cloaks: ONLY COMMAND LEVEL OFFICERS may wear a Command Cloak.

III. Decorations: Wear only the ones you EARN, other than that NONE shall be worn.

IV. Live steel is not preferred to be worn at events, but in the case that it is, it MUST be peace bonded (Sheathed)!