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IKF Recruitment Policies

When recruiting one must remember our policies.
They are common sense and do not belong in the bylaws.

1. Do NOT make false promises.

This means you cannot make a promise that you cannot keep. For example: Transferring a Federation rank into IKF, or promising one a command position or a seat on the council.

2. Be cautious of role-play when recruiting.

This subject is a double edged blade. Either you can scare off a potential member by use of role-play, or you can lose a potential member from loss of role-play. Strictly a judgment call here.

3. Beware of techi-freaks (Canon Fodders).

These are the people that can really get one upset. The people that you have met before that know "everything" and tell you that there is something wrong with your costume, prop, or ship. Or tell you that you're not a "true" Klingon because you're not acting like a Klingon should. Handle these people with extreme caution.

4. Have Fun!

After all, that's what IKF is all about. If it looks as if you are not having fun, no one will want to play with us.