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Operation: Spirited Warrior


The Southwest Missouri Indian Center has hit upon some hard time and is in need of supplies and assistance. They need donations of supplies, clothing, food, toiletries, and even cash. They can use anything as times are tight for them right now. When Operation Spirited Warrior was first opened it contained a conversation occurring between the Thought Admiral and myself. We have since re-contacted and verified the information with the Southwest Missouri Indian Center. The following changes and updates to that information need to be given, but their need is no less.

Changes include (Directly from the SMIC):

The Salvation Army does give toys to all that come in and fill out paper work based on income. However, if there is a child that comes in late, just to the potluck due to distance, or is making say.. $.25 more than the income based sheet, etc., they do not get toys. It was our choice, to tell The Salvation Army we couldn't let one child get a toy while another did not. Everyone had an equal right to a toy no matter income .

Toys For Tots gives toys to The Salvation Army. We had some Native Bikers vocalize their disappointment when they found that they had rode for Toys For Tots and thought that all the kids would be getting toys no matter income. We received 2 bags of toys from The Salvation Army, some were hand made wooden toys and some small stuffed handmade bears, some small dolls but not enough to give all the children a toy.

The Food Distribution Center that sells food at $.14 per pound is Ozark Food Harvest. Most of their food is donated by churches, individuals, businesses, and distributions centers, etc. However we do get free food from them but its usually food that is soon to dated out or after date or fresh that could spoil quickly.

There has been a time that The Government Commodities had sent The Center pudding, asparagus, etc., instead of powdered milk, flour, canned goods, sugar, butter, cheese, etc. In the past 4-5 months The Center has not received Dry Beans, Flour, Cornmeal, Cheese, Canned Meat, Cereal, Fresh Meat, Very little Powdered Milk. In the past month or so, The Center has received 2 cases of frozen Chickens (12 Chickens to a case), 2 cases of Canned Pears, 4-5 Cases of Pudding, and a Couple of Cases of Asparagus and we have a continual over abundance of Raisins. This month was the First Month in 4-5 months we have received Rice.

I, Merry Sampson have seen a sign on The Centers door that says "Sorry No Food Today" three times since I became a board member this past February. Not in the past 3 days.

Missouri and Arkansas is not a Federally Recognized Indian State Which Means: There are No Reservations, No Indian Health Services, No Indian Housing.

Items of any kind that are given out or go through The Center cannot have Religious or Political Connotations, logos, labels, etc., as it shows that The Center is partial and/or endorses that Religious or Political Concept or Statement.

The statement that was made was a historical one. Over Seven years ago, The Center was in Debt and we almost lost The Center. This Director came in Seven years ago and not only got us out of debt and because of him we now own our building. He made choices to fore go his pay on occasion to make sure that The People did not loose The Center. The Center cannot afford to pay the paid employees extras or benefits because it does not have the funds to do so. The Director and Executive Assistant which includes Bookkeeping, Secretarial work and Social work does not have all the benefits nor income that should be associated with their jobs equal to others in the same field. The receptionist is paid via AARP.

This information we received has been checked and verified.

They still need lots of help a the food pantry is low and they need usable supplies.

Please help them any way you can. Send or deliver a donation of food, blankets, toiletries, toys, school supplies, used furniture, cash, or anything that you think can help. If you cannot afford a donation of these sorts, please at least send a card or letter stating you support of their mission and/or sympathy for their situation. Please help this noble charity.

Please send any donations, cards, or letters to:

Southwest Missouri Indian Center
543 South Scenic Avenue
Springfield, Missouri 65802

Contact People are:

Merry and Jody Sampson

Native Americans like Klingons, highly value their honor. Lets show them our warrior spirit and get them the aid that they need and honor them at the same time.

Please help in any way you can.


Michael D. Anderson
Captain mIgh sutai-SalHov
CO, IKF Special Operations Division
CO, Mok'Nil Sector
CO, Anpu Attack Wing