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Ship Registry

NasToj Crest

Motto: "Honor, Strength, NasToj"

IKV NasToj - L-99-D "Vicious Trick" Class Tactical Carrier/Warship

Length: 1800m
Beam: 700m
Height: 320m

Classification: Tactical Carrier/Warship

Weapons Systems:

1 Tri-Barrel 6.5m Photon Cannon Turret
1 Tri-Barrel 3m Photon Cannon Turret
1 Tri-Barrel 1.5m Photon Cannon Turret
16 Dual Barrel 32" Photon Cannon Turrets
8 Dual Barrel 16" Photon Cannon Turrets
28 Banks Standard Disruptors
8 Quantum Torpedo Bays
6 Photon Torpedo Bays
4 Plasma Torpedo Bays

Power Supply:
3 Tri-Lithium MK XIV Reactors
3 Tri-Lithium MK XII Back-up Reactors
4 MK XI Secondary Back-up Reactors

Defensive Shields:
MK X Defensive Shields
MK XI Cloaking Shields
MK VI Refraction Shields
Ablative armor matrix generators
Neutronium battle plates

Crew Capacity:
Off.: 250
Crew: 1400
Cryo: 700

Fighter Compliment: 3 Wings (Port, Starboard, and aft) (each wing has 2 squadrons of 32)
Drop-Ship Compliment: 2 Squadrons of 8 (8 port and 8 starboard)

2 Squadrons of B'rell class birds and 4 K'vort class Birds

18 vetlh class shuttles

Home of the:

I.K.F. MILSIM Division's

111th chuqwI' DI'vI'

13th Tactical Fighter Squadron

The Dark Knights