Upcoming Projects

We have the following Conventions we will be attending this year (In one manner or another):

Amazicon - April 4-6 2014 - Essington, PA
Creation Con - April 25-27 2014 - Cherry Hill, NJ
Lehigh Valley Comic Con - 2014- Schnecksville, PA
The Great Allentown Comic Con - 2014 - Allentown, PA
Wizard World Comic Con - June 19-22 2014 - Philadelphia, PA

Now most of these are some inexpensive one day cons...
The ones out of the area will cost the most, but are definitely WORTH THE TRIP!


We are currently working on a few different projects to enhance our displays and functionality at various conventions. Among the projects for release are:

A full scale IKF CONSCRIPTION STATION. Similar to a MEPS (Military Entrance and Processing Station) the Conscription Station is complete with a Command Chair, weapons rack, Medical Bay, and Recruitment processing station. This will be unveiled at Wizard World Comic Con in Philly in June 2014.

We are also Putting together betleH and swords for upcoming demos in 2014

We're currently working the bugs out of KPLA Klingon Radio.

We're attempting to create a new camping event in the D'Kai Sector as well... Camp Khitomer.
For more details, click the link.