Las Vegas Star Trek Experience Report

Earth, United States, Las Vegas, Nevada, Hilton. You will find a multitude of things to do as it is "the adult version of Disneyland." At the Hilton, a bold new attraction awaits it's opening debut on January 4th 1997. However, due to the cunning of the Chancellor, and his ex-wife, we were privelaged with the honor of attending the premiere opening for the friends and families of those that made the Las Vegas Star Trek experience possible.

This "report" will take you step by step as to how we got in, what we saw, and our thoughts on the experience, both as it was happening, and as a whole.

If you wish to remain in te dark about it, and see it as we did...
However, if you wish to read on what the outer exhibits are like we have inluded "Spoiler Alerts" to notify you when unwanted information is forthcoming. If you do not plan on visiting the experience within the next year, by all means read on, and forget about it six months from now. And without further ado...

Chancellor Rustadzh's Perspective