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It's always a good thing to look back on ones past and look through the changes one has made. Recently I have been updating the website a little and I found the initial letter I had written announcing the coup that happened during the early months of 2004. This letter has not been taken off the website since I had put it up, and it will continue to be a part of this website for however long I happen to occupy the position of Chancellor.

And looking back, while I am ashamed of the things I have spoken about in the letter (which you can still read below, if you choose to) the results that affected IKF have become part of our past. From those experiences we have learned what to do, and especially what not to do as an organization and not just as Klingons, but as honor driven human beings.

Occasionally, the subject does arise. Usually from one of those that chooses the path of lesser ground, in an effort to thwart us, or make our efforts to rebuild IKF difficult. It is to those people we will take the higher ground and simply stick out our tongues, and give a full rasberry in their general direction. We have moved past those incidents, so has the membership. We're often very curious why they would choose to stay in that place mentally and not move on, but it's not really worth the time to ask and comes across as a passing thought when they make noise.

I had debated from some time to acknowledge these people in a letter, but now moving into our 4th year since the coup one has to wonder why anyone would even bring it up... And it is to them I am speaking to...

Damage was done by your retalitory efforts, we survived, rebuilt, and grew into a stronger sense of self as a group (and as friends) because of it. For that alone, we thank you. With regards to what happened in the past... That was well over 3 years ago, if you are still having issues with it, please seek help. To hang on to so much bad juju for so long is not healthy, and it will undoubtedly consume you and change who you are.

We all have grown past the point of being angry and upset. Yes, I did some horrible things, and I can only apologize so many times for what was done. That aside, as far as the IKF goes... Please get over it and move on with your lives. Fandom has no place for hate, or destructive emotions... You were all really awesome people when you came to IKF, don't let something sour that had nothing to do with the organization consume you and ruin something you once sought enjoyment in. There are several groups out there that would benefit from your creativity and love for the game...


Thought Admiral Kethas epetai-Rustadzh
Chancellor, Imperial Klingon Forces

DATED: 1/0602.20


It would seem that there are a few questions that need to be answered regarding the disappearance of IKF, it's members and the sudden changes in the web presence.

The following information may be taken at face value. As this is a hard and unbiased look at the reasons behind my decision to leave, and the circumstances regarding the changes that took place

Roughly a year and a half ago I decided to make some changes in my personal life. I had lived in the appearance of honor and integrity, but not lived with them.

I had acted in a manner inconsistent with that of honor and self worth. None of which was relevant to the IKF, it's council, it's members, or it's guidelines. It had nothing at all to do with the club whatsoever. There were acts of infidelity, manipulation, and other acts of dishonor. I was not a good husband or a man of integrity by any means.

For months before leading up to my decision of transitioning command of IKF back to the Council I was growing tired of my life and the way I was living. Thus I decided to change it. The change came about in the most unusual fashion. I had met someone else through the Internet, and decided to meet her. When I came to Philadelphia a little more than a year and a half ago I discovered quite a few things that were not of what I had ever known. And so I changed my life and began to live it within a manner consistent with how I felt I needed to be. I began to learn how to live with integrity, honor, and truth.

During this process however there were members of the IKF High Council that had decided to change the very rules that protected our members from such politics because they were hurt, and for whatever reason felt that they all needed to play the victim. These are my words and interpretation, not theirs. For whatever reason they had, they felt that they needed to change these rules and completely ignore the very basic fact that this was an external matter from IKF that did not involve the internal workings of the organization and thus put the nails in the coffin.

And so without warning, or way of defending myself I found that I was removed from the e-mail groups and my passwords changed. I was given no explanation of such things. All I was given was a phone call by the 3 remaining High Council members that are true friends. That is how I found out about what had transpired within what was left of IKF at that time.

And so the website was changed to reflect that IKF no longer existed. And at that time it had ceased to do so. Not because I had decided to leave, but because all but three had decided to ignore the very basic foundations that IKF was started on.

Over the last year or so I have been asked from time to time where IKF went, what had happened, and if there were any plans to restart it. After seeing how things had changed, and letting the dust settle from the events that had transpired, and partially out of boredom, those three remaining loyal friends and I have decided to once again brave the depths of fandom with a much clearer idea of what IKF should be and be like.

For those of you who had just fallen by the wayside, or had been sickened by those that staged the drama that befell IKF, I welcome you with open arms and a healthy handshake if you so choose to come back. For those of you who had taken what was and changed it around to fit what you felt at the time... I invite you to sit back in your corner and watch us grow. I hold no ill well to any of you, but I and those that remain are firm in our decision to keep any potential politics of that nature from entering IKF. We wish you the best of luck in whatever you do. For those of you who are old friends, or new friends we welcome you with a hearty and healthy warriors handshake.

I invite you to join us within these restructured halls and share in the adventures that are to come.


Thought Admiral Kethas epetai-Rustadzh
Chancellor, IKF