IKF L.A.R.P. Rules
(Live Action Role Playing)

The purpose of any game is to have fun... The rules designed here are specifically used to prevent harm coming to any of our members from taking part in a L.A.R.P....

Using the following rules, you will see why we chose them...

A Live Action Role Play is a game in which YOU are the charachter... Simple rules are drawn up by the "Game Master/s" or "Story Teller/s."

The following Primary rules are followed at ALL times, by ALL players during the game...

1. NO use of weaponry props are allowed...
Use Hand signals provided.
This prevents broken props, arrest, and injury from contact.

2. Combat Desisions based on Paper, Rock, Scissors method, or a coin toss...

Life Points

Usually Only three are given out (Usually 3 pieces of string, paper, or other object the opponent takes to prove they have "killed" a player). After that the player, depending on the GM, goes to a "ressurection point" to be brought back to life...

Player Death

Once a player dies (usually after they have run out of Life points), and depending on the GM's preference you either are out of the game, or can be resurrected...

Ressurection Points

Usually One per team playing. A point in which you can recieve new life points to continue the game.

Hand Signals

Dead Dead

Out Out Of Charachter (Temporary Use Only)

Knife Knife

Gun Gun/Phaser/Disruptor

betleh betleh

Sword Sword

Agonizer Agonizer

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Paper Rock Scissors

A very simple game to play, and alot safer and easier than using props, dice, coins, Etc... Most people already know how to play this, and have been doing so since elementary school. However, there are those that do not know how to play.
Simply slam your fist from one hand into the palm of the other 3 times. On the third time reveal one of the following hand gestures. In case of tie, do again.

paper Paper (Beats Rock "covers rock")

rock Rock (Beats Scissors "breaks scissors")

scissors Scissors (Beats Paper "cuts paper")

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