We are a not-for-profit Star Trek fan organization devoted to the portrayal of the Klingon Culture in a unique and exciting way.
Membership is FREE... We have NO DUES! Nada, zip, zilch, zero!
"Why should one pay for a birthright!"


IKF has many things to Offer. We have Divisions involved in "recreation" of events that 'might' have happened in the series, involvement in the local communities, the internet, costuming, gaming and much more. Since 1994 IKF has been offering people with a lust for battle an opportunity to experience it with others. And make some new friends along the journey. With our membership scattered all over, there is bound to be a chapter near you. If not we'll help you get started in setting one up.


The IKF High Council modestly rules over the organization. The Main decision making body is comprised of no more than ten warriors that have attained the rank of, at least, Captain.

Command: The root of any structure starts at the chapter level. All Chapters must have a Commanding Officer or Governor/ness. All chapter heads must complete the Command Training Academy

Fleet and Marine Divisions: These are the two primary units of IKF. They back each other up. Ranks are somewhat different, but the lust for Honor and Glory are the same.

Special Ops: This is a conglomorate division that handles all the "special projects" in IKF. These are the ones called in when Naval and Marine forces just won't do.

IKF Reserves: Not enough time you say? Maybe you should think about the IKF Reserves... A reservist need only attend (at least) 4 meetings a year, and most major events... We understand that life sometimes get's in the way...

IKF Diplomatic Corps: A small, yet very effective, group of civilian and military warriors taking on the ever so large responsibility of meeting and getting to know other groups and bring them to the attention of the Council. Often quoted as saying "Don't make us reach accross this table..." They continually search for co-existance with other groups, and then make it happen.

Quartermasters: They are the ones that both seek out and retrieve information on costuming and culture.

Civilian Sector: Where would the Empire be without the loyal subjects to keep the culture alive? In IKF this belief is no different.