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Greetings CTA Proctors!

You have the opporitunity to train warriors to become command staff. The task you have chosen will not be an easy one. And that is why these pages are here.

Each of you have been assigned a CTA Proctor ID Number. This will change with every warrior you assist. Every exam you administer will need your individual code for authorization. This is just part of a system for checks and balances within the CTA. This will help aleviate problems with taking it twice, or changing an answer after the have submitted the exam.

ONLY the first exam submitted will count. After the exam has been submitted your Proctor ID will be changed to the next available one, thus any other exams with the same ID number would be invalid.

There are different exams that will be administered. Starting with the first one we created back in 1997, to the current ones we now have. Each one is tailored to a wide variety of subjects with emphasis on certain problems. These are our "curve balls" and should be used when we feel one needs work on a particular subject.

DO NOT reveal the test until the warrior is ready to take it. Usually allow 2 full weeks for them to study the materials. Then give them the link and await the exam to come back through the channels. ALL Proctors will get the funished exams at the same time. Then we discuss how well the warrior did.

Exams are located below the Studay materials on the MENU frame to the Left. The codes for the exams are as follows, and any proctor can create an exam. As long as it fists the 9 question (essay form) paramaters.

The Exam codes are as follows:

0011a (EC/EC)

00 = Year
11 = Month
a = Version
EC = Emphasis Code

EC's (Emphasis Codes)
RL = Real Life (Something that has already happened to a chapter)

RP = Role Play (Strategy and Questions on Role playing (fun and as problems).).

RC = Recruiting (How to, and problems with)

HC = High Council (How to act, react, Etc...)

CO = Commanding Officer (Commanding a chapter)

XO = Executive Officer (How to be an XO)

Questions should be directed towards Thought Admiral Rustadzh.