Imperial Klingon Forces

Command Training Academy

Scenario Evaluation

Version: 9705 C

You are now near the end of your CTA training. Now it is time to show the CTA and the IKF High Council your working knowledge of command.

It is very imperative that you do not answer directly from the IKF CTA training materials. Answer only in your own words. If the IKF High Council and the CTA come to the conclusion that you have plagiarized your evaluation will be exempt and you will have to complete the alternative evaluation.

Use the comment boxes below each of the questions.
There should be one comment box for each scenario. Take as much time as you need, but realize that in five weeks we expect the evaluation scenarios , and the answer sheets returned to the CTA.


IKF High Council and CTA Council

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Scenario #1

A recruitment opportunity arises at a local convention. You decide to participate and increase your ship's numbers. While doing so, a Federation fan club member starts bragging about his ship, and organization, especially the "new" Klingon unit that they have started.

Part A
Explain first in "Diplomatic" terms on how you would handle this situation, and return the nuisance to his own organization without "causing a scene."

Part B
Now Explain how you would handle the same situation only in role.

Scenario #2

A problem between two of your officers creates a problem with the way your ship functions. Before you had a well organized crew, and now you have a very disorganized crew. Explain how you would A) fix the problem between the two officers, and B) Re-organize the crew so that your chapter is more efficient with creating ideas, and working together.

Scenario #3

Explain what Imperial Klingon Forces is, as you would to a potential member (pull out all the tricks on this one). How would you get someone interested? Key, and only hint: Do not make promises you cannot keep.

Scenario #4

A member of your ship gets a little carried away with the role of being Klingon and this interferes with the way the ship functions. The one in question is also your executive officer. Without recommending the one in question for dismissal from IKF, how would you handle the situation. Explain the solution in detail.

Scenario #5

You are assisting a charitable organization with a fund raiser, and they give your chapter a donation for being generous and helpful. How would you handle the donation, and what would you do with it? Explain in detail.

Scenario #6

Your ship is on routine patrol of the Neutral Zone bordering the Federation. Your ship is not cloaked, and there is nothing special about the mission. A Federation Starship, Enterprise II Class, is on an intercept course. Navigational computers on your vessel are in full operation, and you are not by any means near the edge of the zone. What do you do? Give explicit details as to your orders, and communications.

	Romulans: 21                          		Klingons: 18
	Dead: 0				Dead: 6

Scenario #8

Describe how you would react to a truce between the Federation, and the Klingon Empire. Take the position of a General in the Klingon Armed Forces. Also, keep in mind that we are at war with the Federation, and they started it. Detail it, but keep it as a legitimate argument. No Profanity, make it as "diplomatic" as possible. Make them understand that we do not wish a truce with those who have lied to us before. Also, USE YOUR OWN WORDS, and remember that IKF signs NO treaties.


Why would you be a good ship commander?