IKF Trifoil
Imperial Klingon Forces
Primary Manual (IKF CO's "Bible")


The information that is presented to you in this manual is the product of over seventeen years of trial and error in Klingon Fandom. I have included everything that I could think of that was/is considered pertinant information to run IKF effectively. Included in the following texts you will find everything from Who's on the Council and the Bylaws we follow to Costuming suggestions and Recruitment Materials. If something was left out either it was overlooked, or not needed. If you have any future suggestions on items to add or edit contact the High Council to make the appropriate changes.

Most of the information included in our "bible" is already found on the IKF website due to the plethera of availible information and practice of. It is with high hopes that this manual will go over well as the information provided to our members via the website.


Thought Admiral Kethas epetai-Rustadzh
Chancellor, IKF High Council