Tactical Fighter Wing Missions

These are the network Games we prefer to play on SFA:

Galactic War

Here are a few hints we have found thanks to the readme file from SFA.

Before playing in any of the Network Games, go to the Options
Menu and turn the Music setting to Off.  This will greatly
enhance the speed of your netgames.

General Information:
  If you are using IPX for a network game, under the settings button
you have the option of setting your 'sub-space frequency' to one of the
10 given channels.  If the default socket is slow or dropping packets,
use this feature to go to a 'cleaner' socket.  Note: You will have to
agree upon which socket you will use before you begin a game.

  If you cannot see a friends game in progress, 
it is due to 1 of 3 reasons:
   1)  It is a 'closed' game.  Galactic War and Net Profit do not
         allow for joining in progress.
   2)  If a host leaves a Neo-Anarchy game and if no one else in that
         game started with a CD in their drive, the game will become
         closed to the public.
   3)  The sub-space frequency you are trying to find the game on may
         be different.  Verify that you are on the same channel and
         try again.

Additional Commands:
  Pressing ENTER brings up a box at the bottom of the screen.  
This is a message box.  
Whatever you type here will be sent to the other players.

  Typing SELF DESTRUCT in this bar will destroy your ship.

Description of Games:
    The classic combat game.  All players in a free for all.  The
    player with the most kills wins.
    Same as Neo-Anarchy, but players can only fly the largest of ships.
    Same as Neo-Anarchy, but players can only fly medium sized ships.
    Same as Neo-Anarchy, but players can only fly the smallest of ships.

  Galactic War:
    This is a game of colonization.  Your goal is to use your ground
    crews to take over your opponents planets.  You do this by
    Transporting them to the surface of that planet.  Ground crews
    Multiply when they are in control of a planet, so the longer you
    have crews on a planet, the harder it is for your opponent to
    take the planet from you.

    Navigation:  To get from Federation space to Klingon space or
    vice-versa in this scenario, you may use a special Hotkey.
    Pressing 'u' during the game will bring up a menu of destinations
    in the radar section of your screen.  Select the appropriate
    destination, then hit  + 'w' to warp.

      **Correction: You do not need to hit the Shift+w hotkey to
	warp to a system selected using the 'u' key. This happens 
	as soon as you select a system to warp to.

    To Win this Scenario, your opponent must not have control of any