SFA Campaign 2003

Campaign Story:

Shortly After the Khitomer Accords, both the Federation and the Klingon Empire are having problems getting used to an end to roughly 50 years of war between them.

This new cease-fire between the two most powerful entities in the galaxy brought a large measure of concern for those outside the Federation and Klingon empire as well as some factions within each force.

Border skirmishes run rampant through the Neutral zone between the Klingons and the Federation. Diplomacy is now put in the hands of Captains and taken away from the treaty as each side attempts to hold the other at bay and keep order within the Khitomer Accords. Outside forces also influence the diplomatic proceedings at every turn.


SFA (US Version) 1.20


Game will commense in April: Preferably Saturday Nights.
Times will be agreed on by all players...

Open to total of 8 players per campaign (4 per side in Galactic War battle).
If more than 8 players sign up, an additional campaign may be started.

Operational orders will be recieved via e-mail

Full Discussion and mission reports (after battles are completed) will be
sent/recieved via Yahoogroup...

Game play will be carried out via KALI (Star Trek Server #140)

Current Stats: 2 Klingon Players, 1 Federation Player
(5 more players needed)

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For more information, please send e-mail to: IKF@juno.com