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Imperial Klingon Forces
Tactical Fighter Wing

Awards Page

All Awards and Honors bestowed to the IKF-TFW can be viewed here!

The Star Trek Clan Directory III
The Clan Of December 2002

IKF - TFW: Imperial Klingon Forces - Tactical Fighter Wing

The IKF themselves are one of the oldest Klingon based clans still in existance, while other early large klingon based clans like IKA have fallen by the wayside recently the TFW section if IKF are still playing primarilly in the older games, Klingon Academy and StarFleet Academy...

Basing themselves outside the world of Gamespy Arcade and WOn they are concentrating on the other gameing service called KALI...

There site does look simple, but the clan itself is probably one of the more stable Klingon based clans that is listed in this directory...

There Site...

--Taken right from the Star Trek Clan Directory Website!