Tactical Fighter Wing Arenas

Our games of choice are:
Starfleet Academy Klingon Academy
Crimson Skies MS Combat Flight Simulator

We used to meet on HEAT.NET from 1997 to 1998. But after they went offline there was nowhere to really play. Thus shutting down the IKF's TFW. Now that we're back online we have rediscovered this lost art, and have startred playing it on KALI's Star Trek Server (#140)

KALI - To download the software for KALI: www.kali.net
Download the KALI II v2.3 and the 2.4 patch. Then REGISTER!

Starfleet Academy will NOT work for on-line gaming unless you have the v1.15 patch, or the v1.20 Checkov's Missions Installed with SFA. The same patch is included on both. It fixes the Shield readout and Network settings error when it was first released.

SFA Support Information and Download SFA 1.15 patch from: Visit the Starfleet Academy Official website: