Marshalls / Pin'a'

Marshalls, or Pin'a' can be identified by their weapons or Marshalling flags.

The following colors are the was one can identify a marshall in combat.

A marshall will only have a black and yellow stripe on the Outer tips of their betleH or bob'etlh.

Such as follows:

A Grand Marshall will have the Black and Yellow stripes on the Outer blades, and Green and black on the Inner blades of the betleH or bob'etlh.

Such as Follows:

NOTE: As of 2003 Grand Marshals may also be marked with Green and Gold striping.
Either marking is correct.

As of 2010 Grand Marshals may also be using unmarked blades, but have Black and Green Ribbon or cloth on the handle areas of their blades, or on their gauntlets/bracers.

Hard to see? Remember the following:


Grand Marshall

The swords might be a bit harder to spot. They can be found either on the Hilts or Stocks of the swords.

Marshaling FLAGS are ONLY marked with the "Bumble bee" striping on the handle.

Marshaling STICKS are plain PVC PIPING or WOOD DOWELS marked with the "Bumble bee" striping on them

The marshall is the REFEREE, but they can also be your enemy as well... Marshalls are ALLOWED to fight while doing their job at the same time. One must ALWAYS keep watch for them. You never know when they'll be on the field.

Marshalls also run the Tournaments, and are the ONLY ones allowed to certify fighters and sign their Fighter's Card. At any given time you will be asked to produce your fighter's card. That is the ONLY proof of authorization, so DO NOT LOSE IT!

If a fake or forged card is found, don't think about getting on the field for at least a full year from the time you were caught till the next event you can fight. This has never been done, but arrangements are in order in case someone attempts this.

The Following Warriors are Marshals within the IKF:

Grand Marshals:

Thought Admiral Kethas epetai-Rustadzh (Sam Siegel) IKV NasToj

Lord Admiral Krom zantai-Ketal (Jerry Harrison) IKV War Hammer
Lord General Tol K'nDar zantai-Rustadzh (Shawn McMichael) IKV War Hammer


Captain Lartoq zantai-HoDur (Jay SHarpe) IKV ghatlhwI'
Captain Jo'chiyn zantai-HoDur (Jocelyn SHarpe) IKV ghatlhwI'

Marshals from other organizations:

Mordok sutai-Riveek (George Richard) - IKV Rakehell - KAG
Qe'Pa (Laura Thurston) - IKV Rakehell - KAG